Tough 10 Emerging Influential Blogs of 2009: Reload

I had blogged about this before that this poor desert tent has been noticed creeping in the blogosphere and is nominated by Reyna Elena. Since then, there have been weather changes in the desert that even Reyna Elena has to make some adjustment with his list. Currently, here’s the official list:

  1. Dare to speak out!
  2. Dear Bloggery
  3. It’s Johnonymous!
  4. The Struggling Blogger
  5. Chocolateword
  6. Desert Fishing
  7. Sa labas nang Mandaluyong
  8. Barrio Siete
  9. Extra Super Special Batchoy with Egg
  10. Flamindevil

Sulong mga bloggers…

Meanwhile, I have to sift through the maze of available information so I can also come up with my own list. Here they are:

1. Barrio Siete
2. Father Blogger
3. Blurosebluguy
4. Chocolate Word
5. Nortehanon
6. Dear Bloggery
7. Sandi Martin
8. WritingToExhale
9. Dare to Speak Out
10. Emilayskie

Way to go mga kapatid…

This project is made possible through the effort of Ms. Janette Toral and the following sponsors:

Absolute Traders, My Brute Cheats, Business Summaries, Fitness Advantage Club, Events and Corporate Video, Events@Work, Domiguez Marketing Communications, Red Mobile, and

To God be the glory!


21 thoughts on “Tough 10 Emerging Influential Blogs of 2009: Reload

  1. Hi Dfish,
    Kumusta? Hope things are great.
    Thank you for thinking of my blog when you did your list. I am honored. Although it is still a puzzle to me how I got to be “influential” in the eyes of the respectable bloggers who have nominated me hehehe.

    Sana nga po, sana nga po ay may mabuting dulot sa ibang tao ang That will inspire me more 😉

    Salamat po uli, Dfish! God bless!

  2. wala po akong masabi.. isa po itong karangalan na mapabilang sa inyong top ten influentials bloggers..

    maraming..maraming salamat po Dfish! Dios mabalos!

    -ang Tanging Yaman ni sandi

  3. Dfish, thanks a lot for nominating my blog. “,) I feel so elated.

    Di ko ma explain ang kagalakan ko. Hays… Thanks, thanks, thanks! Teka, hindi kaya ako tumino in your company? Baka di na ako makilala ng readers ko nyan. Ahahaha. You’re the man!

  4. Welcome ko muna si Jan. Thanks Jan for dropping by…I’m becoming one of your fans…

    Kelvin, I’m glad of your visit. Thank you for the compliment…

    darbs – let me think about it…

    Blu, Nortehanon, Sandi – you’re welcome…Good luck!

  5. Kapatid, I’m back from my hiatus… 😀

    Thanks for including me in your list. It is both and honor and a privilege, but I think hindi na ako qualified, as pointed out by Miss Toral…. 😀

    Still, thank you, and will do some detailed backreading soon…

    Tambak sa work after ng bakasyon… 🙂

  6. Snow, walang anuman po.

    I really find your writings and your photos very cool and calming i decided to nominate. Yun pala, overage ka rin kapatid, toink…

  7. Bungad:

    wow…napasigaw ako…..di ko akalain…di ko lubos maisip…at higit sa lahat tuliro pa rin ako…..

    salamat sa nomination….

    lol! I like the reaction. that is blu

    Nortehanon na sana…

    Oh, anak ng tinapa, bumisita si Maam Toral. Cool!

    Heto ang sinabi nya.

    Kindly note that Brother Utoy and Coolwaterworks started before May 2008. Please advise when you update this list so I can record it. Thank you.

    Nag reloaded si DFish. (tagaaaay!) matud pa nya. Hubog sigurong mibisita maong wa mamatnguni ang gipabud-yong nga nagkanayon MGA UNDOY/INDAY, ayaw tawon ninyo iapil ang blog before May 2008. Giapil. hahaha!

    Dinhi sya nakitang nakig-tagay. kining hapit hapit lagi sa balay nga nagbaha ang bino ug alak pero tago lang ang pag-inom kay may ubang pagtoo nga ang alak/bino kuno haram. Ang pagtago sa inimnanay tungod sa respeto ug paghatag respeto sa ispiritu sa alak nga unta walay MAG-MAOY! hahaha!

    I had never seen ma-oy nga exsem. But I’d seen barriotic men and women nga nag-maoy. It was not a pretty sight.

    link sa tagay: Dfish is a cool tagayer so he is fine. hehehe. tagay!

    1. *Barrio Siete
    2. Father Blogger
    3. Blurosebluguy
    4. Chocolate Word
    5. Nortehanon
    6. *Dear Bloggery
    7. Sandi Martin
    8. *WritingToExhale
    9. *Dare to Speak Out
    10. Emilayskie

    Why on earth man pud nga wa nimo giapil ug lista si DesertFishing Blog?

    Remember? According to the guidelines,

    “I will nominate myself” or carry my own chair or “bilib nga gibati ug kasikat” or “gibatig ka influential” PUEDI MAN KAAYO! Dili man bawal!

    HOWEVER, one user/blogger with multiple accounts let’s see 100 blog accounts. lets make it 100,000 thousand blog accounts that comes with 100,000 emails- – should only VOTE or NOMINATE once.

    What if someone can use all those 100,000 thousand accounts to nominate and vote … clean without a trace if there is a trace it is clean and professionally done.

    Therefore, a myth.

    Bisita lang igsoon!

    Unsa bay lami nga pulutan sa tagay?

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  9. darbs, nahubog ko samot sa imong koment hihihi. bitaw sa, monimate unta na lang diay nako ang uyamot nga tolda sa disyerto…MA-OY PA JUD…MAayo magpaloloOY PARA IBIGIN hahaha…

    • Matagal na kitang pinagtripan na i-nominate pero alam ko, daming mag-nominate sa yo Silver. Take it from me though. You’re welcome igsoon and keep the fire burning kahit na basa minsan kasi tag-ulan hehehe…

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