DesertFishing’s 30 Most Read Posts

on pensive mood

It has been a year-round journey of silence, emptiness, boredom, inner world exploration, negotiation with cultures, and time of typing, at times with others, but mostly with myself and the Sacred that I have no idea how big is. Blogging is only a medium for exploring the bigness of God within and in the culture/s that is more or less familiar to me. The blogosphere is becoming a boundary-less arena of information and interaction. But at the end of the day, silence beckons me to go back to the fundamental question: how did this or that piece of information affect me, form me into a better person, hook me to my deepest desire to let the seed of the Sacred within grow and bear fruit? After one year of blogging, there are actually less tangible statistics to measure the growth especially in an area called spirituality because growth happens in silence, in our sleeping hours, much like the wordless rising of the sun on the east. Those growth are more inward – the joy of sharing, the boldness to get wrong, the weakness of being challenged or ignored, the consolation of being heard, the trembling before evil or fear, the lightness of living, the ecstasy of illumination, the desire to keep growing as a child heading Home. To realize that I am not alone in my desire and that there are the same desires out there curious of their names, this I suspect is why these posts are the most read.

A Grain of Desert Sand
Sunset and Diarrhea
KC Concepcion, Annabelle Rama and Simon’
About DF
Susan Boyle: Some Spiritual Morsels
Fr. Thomas H. Green, SJ: 1932-2009
Tough 10 New Blogs of 2009: Thanks to Re
President Ramon Magsaysay: Isang Pag-aal
CFC-Gawad Kalinga Split: Good News or Ba
Heavy Metal Monk
Marian Shrine Taller than the Statue of
“When I Met You” – Mother Teresa as an A
“Belo Touches My Skin. Who Touches Yours
My Christmas Wish for Tracy Isabel Borre
Among Ed Panlilio and my Hunger for a Po
Susan Boyle: A Counterculture Spirituali
Lenten Series Tips: Power of the Holy Ro
Manny Pacquiao: A Mario Lopez Interview
Want Some Breathless Moments? Pray with
Welcome/Dadjon/Tuloy Po
Bishop Ite Jimenez of Butuan Retires
Lenten Series Tips: Free Cebu Pacific Fl
Class Bibo
Owling on Novels
“Let us go over to the other side of the
Benedictine Bishop Admits He’s Gay
Arnold Clavio Unang Hirit News Blooper
D’ Fisher
How Much Did Manny Pacqiuao Earn from Hi
Pinoy Priest Cooking Show

14 thoughts on “DesertFishing’s 30 Most Read Posts

  1. ang number one nimo nga blog entry

    A grain of Desert Sand

    Nabasa nako ni sya May 12, 2009 ug sa tinoud naa koy nasugdan ug sulat sulat but for some reasons ug ambot kung unsay gidangatan nga wa man mapadayon.

    Ang akong flow of thoughts morag napandol man ug sa akong pagkadagma dili na nako ma-remember kung unsa ang akong gustong isuwat based sa maong takna.

    Gibaliklantaw nako ug naa koy idea unsaon pagpadayon pero dili giod nako makita ang pictures nga akong gustong ipapilit sa maong panid.

    So nia diay ang akong nasugdan nga gisulat, gipablish nako for this occassion.

    ako na lang unya ng i-update incase mobalik ang pagkunsad sa mga bulawanong panghuna-huna.

    Salamat sa share igsoon.

    nia ang link:

  2. “…because growth happens in silence, in our sleeping hours, much like the wordless rising of the sun on the east.”

    This resonates with me, Dfish. And I’m glad you’ve put them all in one post. Makes for easier reading. “,)

  3. one thing i learned about blogosphere……is its capacity to be an oasis of ideas, longings, dreams, varied expressions of human desire to communicate to the others… fact, it is in this sphere of virtual realm that I was able likewise to feel the essence and being of the SACRED….hidden in the many twists and turns of every story i read….and at the end of the day…in gratefulness i utter a prayer to God for his morsels of wisdom and love…..felt and shared, even on this oblivious and virtua world….
    thank you for touching my life….

  4. nice.. πŸ˜€ talaga namang there’s more to blogging than writing, reading and being read..
    newey, i’m hapi na naganniversary ka na dito sa desertfishing.. πŸ˜€ hehe..

    blog lang ng blog!

  5. hi ser dfish binasa ko yung una A Grain of Desert Land at kinuha ko to,

    CHOICE is the name of the game. plus it takes tons of prayers to rise above our moral mediocrity.

    iyan na ata ang isa sa pinaka magandang nadinig ko dito. i can relate to that. btw im reading few of yur post. ok pala dito sa bahay mo πŸ™‚ ingat!

  6. Kapatid, congrats on your anniversary…

    Your blog is one of those that can stimulate my nearly stagnant mind to once again churn and to oild those rusty joints… πŸ˜€

    And your posts are always simple yet profound, grandiose but inviting, advocating silence yet always carries a big voice…

    To more years of ideas kapatid!

  7. Aba, anniversary!!! Ako din, today is my 4th year dito sa malaysia, hehehe..

    Happy Anniversary! Congrats po. Continue to inspire more people thru your writings. I will always include you in my prayers. Godbless!

  8. dencio – mula sa desyerto ng dubai, salamat sa pagdaan sa munting tolda at sa pag-appreciate sa interior design…

    @CWW – kapatid, minsan nakakapagod din lagi nasa computer. but i take my time. salamat sa suporta lagi…

    Jorge – thanks and hapi anniv din sa stay mo sa malaysia. Kung anuman at kung saan man ang next na tahanan, Siya lang ang nakakaalam…My prayers, too…

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