Michael Jackson versus Michael Jordan

Much has been written about the musical genius and legacy of the King of Pop. Here’s something different – 2 legendary Michaels trying to go beyond their comfort zones and learn from each other, laugh at each other’s awkward moves. The lighter sides of these 2 extreme achievers. Any comfort zone you need to challenge in your life because there is much to learn from the different others?


5 thoughts on “Michael Jackson versus Michael Jordan

  1. Oh my…. i remember watching this way back in 6th grade. LOL! (if i’m not mistaken) parang di ako makapaniwala dati that i could watch both of them in just one vid. I’m a big fan of Chicago Bulls mainly because of John Paxson (i don’t know if people know him) but who doesn’t like Michael Jordan???

    Anyway, this vid made me smile… grabe no? 2 great achievers sharing their passions with one another.

    Hmmm… and that question you just posted, i’ve been asking myself that question for the past 2 weeks…

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  3. Hi ifm, good to see you around again hehe. Oo nga, matagal na tong duel na to. Point of emphasis na lang for the situation.

    Comfort zones – hope you outgrow those instead of the other way around…

  4. i like them both, they have done amazing things on their own respective field though Michael Jackson personal dilemma has been highly publicized, the other MJ has his own demons too, being a trashtalker, restaurant feuds , pippin issue, etc etc but I hope Jordan will not end like Jacskon, a tragic life ends on a painful death.

  5. Hi jospark – i agree. That’s the price celebrities often pay – they shun the spotlight once their shadows get focused and feasted on…

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