I Am Not Alone. Are You?

mother and child 1


mother and child 3


mother and child 4


“The Lord, your God, carried you, as a man carries his child, all along your journey.”

Deuteronomy 1:31


20 thoughts on “I Am Not Alone. Are You?

  1. @CWW – glad you noticed the text.

    @Blu – profound kapatid; guess it was Julian of Norwich who described contemplation as the “flight of the alone to the Alone.” Blessings…

    @Totomel – Nothing arbitrary at all. Spiritually plausible. Enjoy the time Igsoon…

    @RFH – I am sometimes, ridden with fear. Faith massages my fearful heart. I imagine light for you right now, enveloping you…

  2. It was in my loneliness I found out that my Shepherd had to break my leg so He could carry me so as not to stray anymore from His herd…

  3. A toast of admiration to you all for sharing how being alone, most often with the Alone to quote Blu, is making you and me more human each day.

  4. Am I alone?

    What about the Trinity?

    What about my tradition?

    What about my past, my present and my future?

    What about my environment? the society? the thou…

    Can I consider them my companions?

    Obviously, I am not alone.

    I said it, the TRINITY and of course if you want me to include…


    Am I alone?

    Obviously, not.

  5. darbs – i couldn’t agree more. Lawom gyud Igsoon. What an imaginative mind you have! The past and the present that we carry and in the context of being alone – this made me pause as well ug mamalandong.

  6. Hi Kikit – reminds of castaway when despite being “alone”, the volleyball was with him, the sound of the waves, the coco husk he turned into a conversation partner, and the camera crew hehe…

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