If Yellow is for Democracy, Blogging is for Diversity

I mentioned democracy in my blog entry last Saturday, only to hear it again from SONA on Monday. I mentioned about some “imagined Lincolnian political brilliance” also last Saturday, PGMA felt like reviving the Gettysburg Address with a flair of warlike cavalry against her critics on Monday. What can I say: political games from both sides. I blogged about Tita Cory representing democracy, last night’s evening news replayed her last SONA. Hmmm.

Bear with me, there is now a field that is housing democracy in many senses: the blogosphere. A case in point is the swelling support from bloggers of different persuasions and passions, professions and locations, for the ailing Tita Cory; bloggers committing a prayer or support of their choice for Tita Cory. Thanks to Reynz of Reyna Elena who initiated this support brigade, a little compassionate switch from the ironclad that was SONA.

Definitely, many out there, in their anonynimity, have been casting their support in silence or individually, one way of saying one need not be on this list of course to proclaim one’s light from a hill. To some, committing to some prayer moments apparently is a personal task. True enough, prayer remains this way. What this brigade simply does is bring those personal commitment into a unified act, to a richer, diversified community level. Diverse as bloggers are, creatively communal they try. I have not read all the “support posts” but I like to highlight one that bids me into a deeper silence: Bluguy and his Yellow Pencil entry. Blu – I just feel thankful always for your gift of poetic depth!

Going and there’s still more rooms in the sphere:

Reynz of Reyna Elena
Dinah of Okayukay
Monique of Kubyertos
Chi of Mabulaklak na dila
Silver of Dare to speak out
Jeri of Farm Land
Mahalia of Chocolateword
Yami of Mom writes for a cause
Reesie of Off the top of my head
Pehpot of Make or Break
Mel of the Misadventures of Mel Becham
Batchoi Boy of Extra Super Special Batchoy
Snow of Dearbloggery
Angela of Stuart Santiago
Darbs of Exodians
fjordz of Hiraya
noel of kotsengkuba
Agnes of heyokity
jaemark of firequinito
kk on adobong starfish
mys of thoughts and obsession
Roy of The Struggling Blogger
Tsi of Tsiremo
Jhong of Qlickblogs
Joyceinhills of the World of Womanity
Chuva Chienes of Chizmizan with Chuva
Malen of Mynosebleed
Jim of The Globe Watcher
E. Eder of Manila Blog Times
Gang of Kamalayan
H311ybean of My travels throughout time
Holly Jahangiri of Its all a matter of perspectives: Mine
JB Solis of Thoughtskoto
Dencios of Hisnameisdencios
KJB of True Love, Six Kids, One Old House
Rob of Social Media Philippines
Noel of NYC loves NYC
dFish of Desert Fishing
Ian of El Salvador Del Mundo
Ian of Safari so good (A lonely planet it is not!)
Style of Style People
Juleste of Bembotzki
bluepanjeet of On The Wings Of My Dream
amae d of little pink splotches
Anna of A Commuter’s Life
Anne of Katiwaldas
Amor of amorfrancis
Roy of the Struggling Blogger
MJ & Nhil of Simple Married Life
brainchild of life’s lemon to a forthy something crusader


16 thoughts on “If Yellow is for Democracy, Blogging is for Diversity

  1. Mas grave ang imong pamalandong igsoon. Gikan giod sa kinaurukan ng iyong tagipusuon. Salamat sa imong pamalandong.

    I like this.

    there is now a field that is housing democracy in many senses: the blogosphere.

    Ug dugang nini ug way pagbag-o nga sa gihapon ang blagisper mao ang akong langit sa mga hoyohoy ning pangandoy.

    Darbski – salamat sa maunurong pamalandong, hot like pandesal sa buntag from NY…

  2. Well as for Pres Cory, she is well-loved by the people during her time and even with the new generation who have witnessed her sincerity in her every words and actions.

    Yehey, new generation si Miel…Long live the newgen…

  3. wow…got the special mention sa post na ito…salamat DFish…it was just a continuing saga of pencil talk….this time around the yellow one…
    salamat ulit ha!

    Blu – walang anuman. Honga eh, di ka rin pala mapigil pag nakabuelo sa yong pagninilay…

  4. the blogosphere- where you can be free, be who you are and express what you feel! wa keme or paki! nice blog!

    Hi, thank you at ika’y napadalaw sa bahay ko. Thank you also for the kind words…

  5. Definitely, many out there, in their anonynimity, have been casting their support in silence or individually, one way of saying one need not be on this list of course to proclaim one’s light from a hill.

    i am one!

    TLGR – matutuwa Siya sa iyong pakikiisa…

  6. aba at nawala lang ako ng ilang buwan sa blog mo eh bago na ang kurtina haha

    anyhoo salamat sa link. nagulat ako haha. kala ko may post ka na uli at may altar na naman ako dun haha

    Pax et Bonum Kapatid

    Haha – namimiss ka rin ng DF kapatid.

  7. huwaw new layout danda kapatid tapos may pikchur na ikaw! God bless kapatid!

    Pana-panahon ang pagkakataon hehe. Regards Miel kay Fader Brader…

  8. Indeed kaptid, the blogosphere is an unlimited cornocupia of diversity… 🙂

    The 40 hours of prayer for Mrs. Aquino has started a few hours ago… It’s amazing how she once again unites us in prayer… 🙂

    Thank you for this info kapatid, my first time to hear this…

  9. Prayer continues for Tita Cory.

    DFish, change Theme ata ah. nanibago lang sa mata. and by the way, remember mo ung mother day entry sa may pool? ung guess ko na akala ko ikaw un di pala based sa sidebar picture.

    Yes Darbs, bunga ng pagkakainip. Yes, i was there on the pool of Shiloam…

  10. sige iisa isahin ko ang mga blog na yan… nose bleed ako. lolz

    Huwag Kuya Alvin, wag mong lahatin, one blog per day lang hehe. They are very interesting bloggers…

  11. @Dfish, ho nga eh dalang na ako magbloghop. na-adik ako sa Barrio natin haha.

    Bakit di ka mag contribute dun Dfish? Ang tagal mo na kaya reader dun. Kailanagn dun ng writer na tulad mo.

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