My Barrio Siete Tribute to Cory

Friends, if you have time, you may want to visit Barrio Siete and take time to read the burning tributes to our beloved former President, including mine hehe – Cory Aquino: Woman of Faith and Freedom.

Believe we have so much beauty in us Filipinos, too dehumanizing and un-Godly to waste away while we are still alive…

This “global country” officially mourns for 10 days for the passing of a great leader and human being. In 10 days or more, I would sense more the outpouring of gratitude than the darkness of grief, of the lonely feeling of missing a friend more than human being’s tendency to deny death of a loved one. After all, we sensed it was forthcoming amidst prayers for healing miracles. Tita Cory died with dignity equal to how she lived her life with the dignity of a child of God and country. Let’s put it bluntly – what better death will there be than one surrounded by families and friends and the passageway to the eternalsphere cleared by millions of prayers? Tita Cory taught us all the way to the freedom of dying. Freedom is a spiritual concept and force, grounded in the belief and conviction that all, yes all, are created in the image of God, children of God. Oppression happens the moment one sees and treats from a haughty superiority another person less of a child of God or human being. Freedom is also the ultimate realization that I will depart anytime from my human body and fly back Home. It takes faith to appreciate true freedom.

I am witnessing waves after waves of gratitude for Tita Cory as one ‘gifter’ of freedom for us Filipinos and for the rest of the world to see. It is expected. It has long been etched in our national consciousness. It is fitting the sustained adulation, the endless queue of those near and far from her casket who want to say to ‘thank you’ for the gift that is Maria Corazon Aquino.

“Live your life from your heart,
share from your heart,
and your story will touch and heal people’s souls,
said author Melody Beattie.

From President Aquino who lived up to her name, I have seen and felt a different kind of political leader who merged faith and freedom. Many of her former aides attested political games had never been Tita Cory’s turf. She never had the political and economic acumen from the start of her term, only a tried family and soul long cast into the sea of suffering. Political naivete aside, she stood up to the challenge of the moment, trusting neither her American education nor the wealth of her clan but her heart. Sincerity, that is, freedom from pretensions, or as purity of heart, she said is what she can offer for the Filipinos. From Tita Cory, the issue of duplicity, or the influence of the shadowy self is irrelevant.

Now hearts speak to heart as we the living continue being misty-eyed moved into some heroic nostalgia of EDSA I, and the endless thoughts of her. Imperfect as she was personally and as a public servant, I am still moved by such inner purity, inspired by her leadership by heart. If only she could keep going. But then again, my gratitude for the life she lived trumps over my wish for her to live longer under the shadow of a stage IV cancer. I am grateful because Cory embodies even if inadequately the best in us – freedom as a spiritual force and our hunger for it. You be the judge whether the many-faced freedom remains our poverty…


12 thoughts on “My Barrio Siete Tribute to Cory

  1. Sabi pa it is just a matter of perspektiba kapatid. meron ka na wala ako. at baka naman meron ako na wala ka… kaya ito maki share na lang. salamat sa pagpadayag.kanus-a a diay tu natawo si Rabz? So unsay tawag nako sa imoha karon dFish? or Rabz… libog na man hinoon ta ini. magka – identity crisis.

    Note: Wa pa nako matubag imong komentraryo didto sa akong payag kay gahuna-huna pa ko kung asa nako gamiton ang bato nga napunitan sa may Central Park NY.

  2. imagine, lahat ng tao worldwide, naka tune in sa latest Cory Aquino death…medyo Philippines nanaman ang usap-usapan sa cafeteria, kahit dito sa Canada…naku…kahit puti inaapproach ako at tinatanong Filipino daw ba ako, as soon as I said yes, alam nyo sabay sabi ” our prayers and symphaty for your late President.

  3. and for all of Filipinos abroad, let’s all try to change the mentality of foreigners na once pinag-usapan ang Pinas, immediately isasaksak ang sapatos, this time, i’ll do my best to tell them about the Lady in Yellow.

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