Tita Cory and the Ever-Ancient Beauty

Should we say the euphoria over Tita Cory is settling slowly  to a normalcy we can now catch upmountain with our human breaths? It seems so while simultaneously exalted her to the saintly pedestal and judge our human hocus-pocus or moral motions from there. At Tita Cory’s funeral, we had a foretaste of a sacred human banquet, or a “Transfiguration moment,” for there is no way measuring monetarily the free fellowship of the affluent and the less moneyed, the dignitaries and the destitute pouring their hearts out in gratitude and awe over this ordinary-turned-extraordinary woman. From the pedestal of simplicity that was Tita Cory, we now have the closest and credible reference upon which to judge whether the decision of PGMA to dine for $20,000 in New York was reprehensible to our sensibilities and to the leadership that she represents. On the Cory standard alone, we have a chorus that it was.

As I perch back with the perfunctory grind of living, trying to come to rest in my little village after that mountaintop experience, I bring with me the charge of vision and vigor to view my political and inner life from the Cory perspective and be willing to be continually changed from there. Tita Cory’s non-imposing call for such an alchemy of simplicity and servanthood must not end at her heart-rending funeral service. God allowed this “transfiguration moment” in our national life except that we cannot perpetually make our huts there because the Jerusalem of our purifications down below awaits you and me.

I have to go down, bringing only the glimpse of the Beauty that gripped Tita Cory’s life, holding her within the hammock-swing paradox of vulnerability and womanly vitality. This Beauty becomes the measure – searing at times into the fiber of our follies, grating into the glut of our materialism, painfully probing of our prideful self-exaltation. But yes, drawing this Beauty is, an “Ever-ancient,” ever-attractive one because it is the very soul of our being. It is the soul of our compassion, of our simplicity, of the courage to self-empty no matter what the circumstance is. We are drawn into Tita Cory because we glimpsed of this non-consummable Beauty in her. And we are led into awe witnessing, joining while groping for the “right” words for the sacred moment because softly, we had a glimpse of our potential authentic selves.

So, we react with some repugnance over the prodigal dinner, over Willie Revillame’s insolence because we see more self-preoccupations than self-oblations. In a way, we are saying we would rather be like the self-sacrificng Cory than the self-indulged Willie, Willie being a reminder at the same time of our coarse, overbearing side of course. The 4 honor guards were Cory-like in their act and no wonder we honor and admire them. Theirs was the best we can be in 8 hours of endurance and respect.

Let Beauty speak in our midst. Let Beauty pierce through our vanities!


Photo credit: wanderingnome


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