Women are getting more beautiful. And men?

Four days ago, I met at the mall a schoolmate of long ago I haven’t seen for 19 years. She was one year senior than me, bright, and appealing. I was the first one to notice her, dining with her twins. We were only tables apart, glanced at her once in a while, trying to make sure not to misidentify her. Upon my mention of her name, she inched her way to our table, and by that time, I introduced Mommy and my gregarious son. “Oh, he’s very good looking,” she said. “Of course you are good looking, but he’s more good-looking,” she added. “Thank you. I guess it’s part of evolution of, uhm…”

“Of mankind?” laughing as she rounded off my quip. “Oh yes, you’re right,” as I complimented her. Not a long, chatty 10-minute encounter but enough to rekindle high school memories.

Four days after, here’s what I fished out from Times Online:

“Darwinian evolution is driving women to become ever more beautiful, while men remain as ugly as they were in the caves… “

Who couldn’t laugh with a slight of sexual rebellion. I have to make sure I was not on the front page of Yahoo Canada. But this was Times Online of UK, backed up by research and its result. Read the rest of the news here, laugh all you want, and say your piece if you want, men especially.


18 thoughts on “Women are getting more beautiful. And men?

  1. lol @ news. habang tumatanda ang lalaki, hindi man ma improve ang itsura ay getting ‘hotter’ and more active naman. saan kamo? u bet haha

  2. Haha!!! Have read the news… Hmmm… the post indeed is quite logical and matches genetics and Darwin’s theory of natural selection – men prefer beautiful women over their plainier counterparts – women have to adopt to their environment in order to propagate… hehehe…

    Here comes Belo and Calayan…. 😀

    • Yup, men, let’s face it – women are smarter than men in a well-rounded sense, and i guess part of the argument Kapatid on why this preference that you cited on is the overall projection of this general intelligence by women. For example, talk of relational intelligence: it’s true that renown physicists obviously come from the long list of men. But the post-Newtonian physics is now more bent on valuing cosmic relationship, viewing the elements of the universe in a more relational term to which women are more adept and advanced than men. I guess it’s beyond physical beauty but the raw overall projection of our evolving human intelligence.
      So, maybe Belo and Calayan are far advanced in their marketing strategies hahaha, by giving women “more” and challenging the insecurities of men enough to spare some budget for a little butt augmentation hahaha….

  3. bakit? may presure din naman sa atin ah..most girls kasi, they prefer ‘yung mas gwapo (loser naman!) hehe..bitter ba?
    ..kakaunti lang ‘yung pumipili beyond the ‘looks’..

  4. ay gusto ko yan, oo, naman talagang affirm ako dyan, mas gumaganda an mga babae kasi nagkalat na ang mga cosmetic surgeon, basta may “datung’ pwede na maimprove ang looks.

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