Film Friday: A Very Captivating Film on Light

Focus. Attention. Contemplation. One call with many names – it is the secret of all human fruitions. Feeding on uncensored internet information, especially those that do not really connect with our deepest longing for inner peace we need to share into our larger world, can make us scatterbrained and restless. If you want to gather in small doses your focus this Friday, here is someone’s offering. I am more than grateful to view this because it’s free – like the love of God, like the Light of God. Click the image below and enjoy the filmRadiance: The Experience of Light:



Photo credit: BarneyF


15 thoughts on “Film Friday: A Very Captivating Film on Light

  1. “the source of that light is the reborn in every moment of creation…”

    A changed life indeed is a light trailblazing the path for others to see and not to fall. Thanks to all those who in there lives testify to love and brought me to light. My hope is to radiate the light from Christ as I strive to honor, love and serve Him with my all.

    salamat po sa pagbahagi ng video na ito.

  2. na in love ako sa picture!!!
    gustong gusto ko ang mga ganyang kuha!!!
    feeling ko may sasalubong sa akin kung nandiyan ako sa lugar na yan at ganyan ang liwanag….

    si padre fiel alam ko bakit gusto nya rin yan kase MAY BUKAS PA ang dating ng shots!!

    grabeh talaga kinikilabutan ako pag ganyan ang mga kuha na nakikita ko ….. ewan ko kung bakit?

    • Nakakatakot talaga Lhen. Imagine someday, at our appointed time, we will be simply absorbed by this Light into pure spirit. Pero dadaan muna tayo sa nothingness, ang pagka-walang kwenta ng ating pagka-material being…

  3. Your kind of movies reflect your deep spirituality Dfish. Sometimes I really wonder why you didn’t become a monk.

    the film is beautiful. considering it was made in 78 yet its message still rings true up to this day

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  5. I must admit the first minutes of the video scared me a lot (before the blue lights– before the pics of kids)… I kept on checking the remaining minutes because I do not like the images I saw…. They remind me of death… I asked myself why… is it because my life is still in darkness and I am just denying or hiding it? Or am I scared of the Light because all the answers to my questions are there and I do not have the balls yet to accept them… I have another and more questions to ask myself…

    • I guess we all have this common fear Miel – the fear of falling into nothingness first because this is the only way i believe into our absorption by the Eternal Light. Our fear of the Light i believe is our fear of stripping ourselves of all the illusions we build for ourselves in our lifetime – self-image, career, success, commitments – because our true selves belong to this Eternal Light, being one with this Eternal Light. Nakakatakot kasi we simply don’t know what’s ahead of the road from nothingness…

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