Sharing to you my silence…

Perhaps, you never know what blogging has done to me. Sure, many out there would bother to raise their eyebrows, especially the intellectuals among us because on the surface, blogging seems to concoct less marinated thinking and a tequila of writing-out-of-haste. Besides, there seems to be that howling question that could perplex the more boundaried in their privacy – why spill out personal stuff in public? I can only render due deference for keeping their fence well-guarded.

To me, blogging has been an experience of a prayer, and by prayer, I mean the intention and action to create a space for the Sacred and my longing to behold the Face, in between words and silence through listening. Blogging to me is self-discovery, having the ultimate goal of knowing God! The rest are pathways to the Sacred. Blogging is one way of travelling, meeting signposts of the Sacred along the way – some more aware of the signposts than the others, some more curious of the message than the others. I am only learning to be more aware, awake, curious and this alone is a mix of thrill and waiting in boredom unless I want to force-feed myself with every bewildering message I encounter.

For example – I am almost totally gripped now by one blogger whose message and integrity I am now completely learning to trust and listen. I trust the vision, the invitation into deeper solitude and silence and feel so engrossed by the depth of every entry.  I can read entry after entry like scanning a newspaper page after page. But then – I am intervened by silence, by awe and it is often hazardous to one’s spiritual and physical health to ignore silence. Noise is a temptation towards dissipation, an escapist tendency as familiar as forcing my fingers to write just to have something to post so my readers keep coming back. It is so anti-silence the goal of which is to be safe with oneself and the Sacred more than pleasing others. So here’s the resolution – I won’t post for another 7 days. Let silence speak. Let me share with you my online silence. From here, let me leave you with this song: The God of Silence:


15 thoughts on “Sharing to you my silence…

  1. I am now having problems with YT kapatid. But I would presume that this is the BP version…

    I believe that in moments when we are invited to silence, we should embrace it with open arms for we are given the chance to commune with the Divine. Indeed He beckons us to journey to our hearts where He awaits.

    Since He is also the God of Silence, there are also times when we cannot feel His abiding presence in times of our pain and suffering. I also believe that in these times His silence still beckons us to commune with Him for in His silence, He suffers with us…

    May you be filled in your communion with the God of silence…

    Hanggang sa susunod na entry kapatid… Be well…

  2. second base…

    yes, i also have the same experience.

    i have known so many people from all walks of life and their experiences– sacred or profane, have enriched me as a person.

    it opened my soul to the struggles of other souls and it made me pray for them like i have never prayed before.

    daghang salamat kapatid. your blog is an inspiration…

  3. im also on a hiatus kagabi ko lang na decide… blog hop lang muna aq today then I’ll keep quiet. I believe I can think and reflect better if I keep quiet. My noisiness in my entries is a reflection I am running away from something I do not want to confront. Silence scares me because I know the answers are there and I am not ready yet.

  4. … silence points our eyes to gaze on the face of God beholding us His beloved.

    … silence leads us to the core of our being, our desires and our purpose.

    … silence allows us to hear the music of stillness. “Be still and know that I am God” Psalm 46:10

    … silence creates a grateful heart, compassionate eyes and committed body. All for the greater glory of God.

    … silence touches the soul.

  5. It’s my first time to encounter a blogger who considers blogging as a kind of prayer. Perhaps it’s because sharing your deep ideas through writing is your passion. And passion is something we can offer to Him as a sign of gratitude for all the blessing He has bestowed on us.

    May your silence give you a lot of revelations. 🙂

  6. There’s always time for every thing. Sometimes the strongest way to convey a message is through silence.

    Sige, Bro, we will wait for you.

    By the way, nagutom ko sa imo pic na ho. bisaya gid nga manok. ginalaway ako. sa dasun butang pic sang laswa ha? katilaw ka na sina? hehehe!

  7. Silence is Self-reflection/prayer/MEDITATION… this definition can only be true if you are an examen (Ignatian spirituality) practitioneer.

    Also if you were a practioneer of Isprilitsugas Mulungins Ispiritista Luhod Luhod Piyong piyong way tumong, then YOU CAN GLADLYl an examen practitioneer as no spirituality at all.

    However, silence can also be interpreted as CONSENT.

    Silence means yes… approval.


    even if you saw somebody na ninanakaw ang kaban ng bayan…


    even you saw your environment being raped and poisoned…

    Silence to tell the truth then…


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  9. Nasabi na yata nila lahat ang gusto kong sabihin. I hope you are enjoying the incredible power of silence, Kapatid. Ganyan din ako, oftentimes I find myself honoring the integrity of silence, because it never fails to reconnect me with myself and the world around me and to keep me grounded in my Faith.

  10. What a thought-provoking message in a world so used to empty noises…….. I have always been in awe of the power of silence. It is my refuge when I want to get away from it all. It is only in this state where we could empty ourselves……… cry and laugh all we want ……… pour it all out……. lie in its stillness ……… and be refreshed.

  11. CWW, Fr. Felmar, Miel, darbs, Jun-G, Kikit, ifoundme, mahalia, Nortehanon, Amor, and to all who shared their own silence in this space – please know that i am equally blessed by your peaceful thoughts and presence. One silent, peaceful mind after another sharing, creating a community who honors sacred silence to build a small peaceful world. It all begins from within, the peace we always long for…

  12. ang katahimikan kailanman kaibigang tapat…nandoon matatagpuan ang luklukan ng Poong Maykapal…minsan natakot ako sa katahimikan….pero nang aking nasumpungan…ang takot ay naibsan ng galak at tuwa na kailanman di mabibili ng salapi…
    sa kaibuturan ng isang walang hanggang kalaliman nito…doon nananahan ang isang SIYA….

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