My Most Boring College Subject

Had a good breakfast today, and my usual early morning ritual of calming the mind and nurturing the spirit. On my Logic way to work, however, something is trying to erupt out of my brain. Some of you may not like to hear this, but I guess a lot could identify with it. Here it is – to me, the most boring, bordering on being presumptuous, quite time-wasting, jargon-laden, and with an elitist flair of the “wisdom lover” and master-of-the-language course I ever took up in college was Logic. I thought it needs to be replaced with a subject that’s more worth college students’ time and money, a course like The Mind in Meditation, or Music and the Mind, or Thinking and the Brain.  Because in real life, anyone could reason well without being enslaved into the coop of distinction between deductive and inductive reasoning, or the types of categorical propositions. I’m 99% sure I will never teach it again. Anyone who loves, or likes to say the least, Logic as a college course? Or sense practical value in it as a course for everyday living? Ires and identification are both welcome in the comment section.


26 thoughts on “My Most Boring College Subject

  1. BASE! hehehe..

    Well, I agree with u dfish! It is really the mose boring subject ever..

    And I have to confess, nde ko to pinapasukan, mabait kasi ung teacher kaya ok lang na nde pumasok.. Ni isang logic, wala akong matandaan na tinuro nya, haysz…

  2. Hahaha! I don’t know but it was one of those subjects I really looked forward to, because my professor was really, very, very, very good…

    He is a Marian priest (Marian Missionaries of the Holy Cross)… And aside from being an intellectual giant, he is young, funny and very witty…

    He made Logic a subset of fun… 🙂

    • Hahahaha – na-enjoy mo pala Logic mo kapatid. Siguro nga, aside from my boring experience, medyo nag-iba na rin ang pananaw ko sa buhay – seeing and living life not so much as an argument or set of arguments to prove mentally but more of a mystery, and therefore less the dominance of rationality, i’m now more invited to wait and wait until it reveals its beauty.

  3. and never again…hehehhe…pero minsan yata naituro ko rin yan…one sem lang di ko kinaya ang pag-iisip….winala ko nga sa aking isipan…hanggang matunghayan ko ngayun sa post na ito….
    waaaaah! ayoko na!

  4. I love it- I have to say it-only during my college years, I guess maybe it was more because of the good-looking professor and the more simplified approach of his teaching manners that made it more bearable at least for me but I am aware half of the classmate I have , came to dread that course..most are even vocal about their boredom of it when the professor decided to asked the whole class what needs to be done to make teaching Logic more fun for him and for us taking it- 80% expressed total boredom.

    • One more Nay from IM CWW. Looks and simplified approach – this is potent enough a classroom combination to siphon students’ attention. But the boredom rate – hahaha 80%. Sino ba naman hindi mabobored sa mga major premise na yan at obvertend at contraposit hahaha.

  5. Logic… wow, when was that? 19forgotten.

    Basta ang alam ko, I had to take the course – study and as much as possible makakuha ng mataas taas na grade. alam mo na, you have to maintain a certain grade. hindi pueding pasang awa lang di ba?

    Kung ang subject na yan is one of the requirements e, di gawin. It didn’t occur to me until today na boring pala. PANDAMAY KA DFISH! salawahan… hehehe. jowk lang igsoon.

    @Fr. Fel, naalala ko tuloy ung history of the church ko, hindi kami pinasulat pero ung prof (pari un and guess what parang naging obispo rin ata…) may dala-dalang balisong yan. push up ka pag walang bible na dala. hahaha!

      • At least naman pinalabas lang pero ibalik natin ang high school days, ung matandang madre pag pinapalabas ka hawak ang tainga at sabay kurot sa tagiliran na napakanipis. masakit na may dalang kiliti…hahaha!

        • School systems and leadership evolve. I wonder who will replace the “strict madre” symbolic of schoolchildren’s memories of kakulitan and a sense of school decorum?

      • Pads – i prefer this “requirement” than requiring Logic because i believe we need to be rooted over and over and more firmly with our Hebraic traditions, especially the prophetic traditions…
        Matud pa – hala, ang walay Bibliya, gawas, ora mismo, hahaha…

    • Hahaha – ipnagdasal ko pa nga eh na mahawa ka (controlling Darbs hahaha).

      Honestly, most students are bored-to-death and simply comply by sitting in class because it is required. But i’m barking more on some radical issues because of its entirely Western style of thinking that is too linear and one-sided, dry and out-of-date in view of the development in post-Einsteinian physics. Sa Bisaya pa – Western ra kaayo nga pasiatab…

  6. I love the subject, I hate the teacher.

    Imagine my teacher in college teaching logic was “a guidance councilor” — an AB Psych Graduate WTH! di man lang philo minor ang luka

    pano di ka tatamarin tapos ang inaaccept lang nya na explanation ay yung sarili nya assumptions, pano na yung sa iba? a non-boxed subject ginawang de kahon.

    Tapos feeling matalino pa at mababa magbigay ng grades. I hate that prof. naku everytime i remember her my blood really boils.

    at the end of the sem when I got my classcard, I demanded for an additional grade. bakit kamo, eh yung paborito nya na bobo na di masagot mga tanong nya ang taas ng binigay nya na grade tapos ako etong palagi nya tinatanong pag wala na makasagot sa klase ang baba ng bigay sa akin. I really hate her haha naiinis ako pag naalala ko yung prof na yun. I think i will go in hell for hating her so much. I wish there are no profs like her kawawa mga students na natural na matatalino. nabobobo gawa nya

    I hate teachers who assume mastery of subjects they dont even know

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