Abandoning Blogging


I am abandoning this blog for some sustained time:

  • Work-related depression and its main buddy anxiety is knocking at my doorstep. Unreal as it is like Don Quixote’s windmills mistaken for giants, it’s worth some wrestling with it in solitude and silence.
  • Time for some emotional housekeeping which can only be done in secret.
  • Turn my attention to some urgent things.
  • Spend some time on small, practical ways of extending relief to victims of Typhoon Ondoy.

Sustained and focused time for solitude and silence, I’m finding out, is actually a great ride on Mystery. No fees, no miscellaneous charges. You only need to be vulnerable before it, let your guards and facades down. And yes, it’s possible for any busybody, family man and woman, and layperson. Desire is the main passport – no ifs, no buts, and time will follow.

See you then after 1 month…


24 thoughts on “Abandoning Blogging

      • Thanks DFish, I hope our discussions doon sa blog ko didn’t trigger this depression ha? I will be praying for you and hoping to find some rest.

        Don’t forget to take mental notes when you help the flood victims, we’ll all look forward to hearing from your account and insight.

        God bless!

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  2. ..abandon ship…it is a true mark of courage…
    do not stay….abandon for a while…search your heart’s desires….
    …anyway …i will still be here waiting for your return….

    ……..goodbye for now….

  3. I’ll miss being enlightened by your posts perhaps it’s time for me to be inspired by my own actions and not from others’ deeds…

    God bless and you are always included in my prayers igsoon…

  4. Igsoon, i pray you’ll have a good break to refresh. i’ll surely miss your posts.

    try to email me when you’re back. i have now the number of your redem buddy. Godbless you always.

    btw, i have now a new blog. just follow the permalink in my name.

  5. Hi, Sir Alvin!

    I have a new wordpress account: metapensare.

    Sir, I will pray for you. It is really inevitable to experience low moments in our life. Perhaps there is always a need to see beneath what we are now and what we are doing for ourselves and for others. Indeed, the need for solitude. Good luck and God bless us!

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  7. kababalik ko lang mula sa isla ng burakay kung saan kami pinadpad ni Ondoy 😉

    maraming salamat po sa inyong panalangin para sa katulad naming biktima nitong nakaraang bagyo at pagbaha.

    God Bless and with prayer..

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