Chasing Silence

Thank you peeps for all the kinds words, wishes, and whispers of some prayers. Darbs, thank you again for allowing me to guest-post with my piece Flooded Altar. Thank you also to Barrio Siete for posting the Blog Prayer Brigade for 2010 President banner on the front page. Beyond the familiar metrics i use, and often tempted to use, I believe every kindness counts towards that which we anticipate – our movement towards a transformed world, the Kingdom of God in Biblical parlance. Every act of kindness eventually vanishes into silence, only to mingle with the Grand One especially if it is done with the prayerful conduit of the heart and hands. When it is offered back, bouncing into our very earthiness, it becomes purer, freer from our self-indulgence. The human ego bit by bit becomes a background before it is the main showmaster we can call the Mother-Father of compassion. Such is my vision, and i suspect is the very ache of every human heart regardless of whether one is a Buddhist, a Christian, or an atheist.

I need not outline my itinerary into solitude and silence. Ultimately, each of us has to find our own rhythm when we can be alone with God, away from the external noise in order to listen to the more internal ones – a doorway into silence. All i can say is it can be done within a busy day, more necessarily within a busy day.
In between i squeeze in facebooking for the first time. Indeed, a superb invention for social networking when i got to meet old friends especially. Millions couldn’t be wrong for its utility, not to mention that games serve as virtual glue to harness it; real time-killers.Facebook is a highway of faster and shorter thought processes and snapshots of experiences. Even a period on a facebook wall has a space in the highway of self-expression. Much more for vivid images. The highway is actually clogged up most of the time. The proximity of travellers to each is unquestionable. Just when you step up the clutch to share a figment of thought, in a matter of seconds, one or two or more travellers have sped up past you with or without notice. Facebookers are seemingly at home with this proximity and speed but not without some wariness on matters to share publicly. What’s the upshot? Communities grounded on the shared vision mainly of self-sharing and organizational promotion to some extent. What are the downshots especially within a sphere called prayer life? For the meantime, i will leave it up to you to figure out. I’m simply keeping those to myself for now.

Facebooking aside, there were some surprises smacking me on the face. Reading Nietszche on solitude is one. Exchanging emails on church matters with one woman solitary is another. And the third one, it’s more silent – a growing solidarity in spirit with those who are suffering.

Solitude and silence is never a bad idea afterall, peeps. It’s worth a chase and a cut from our hurried skeds and clogged up space. It seems like the very blood of the silent stars who live past our lifetimes, how about that!

I’ll keep drinking and chase where the well is…

Happy Sunday peeps!

Photo credit: Noel Zia Lee


31 thoughts on “Chasing Silence

  1. Welcome back DFish! 🙂 Glad to hear your blogging again and facebooking as well. Haha 🙂

    Solitude and silence are never bad at all. We need that once in a while.

  2. I heard it or i read it somewhere… “when the outside is silent, the inside is most noisy.” silence is very crucial. it is in silence that one can hear the tiniest whisper of one’s core desire.

    thanks dFish for reminding me this. di man ako ma-facebook. but to just pause for a while and be in prayer. in silence. sitting. walking. gazing the beauty of life with Him.

    miss your wisdom!

    daghang salamat!

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  4. “The highway is actually clogged up most of the time. The proximity of travellers to each is unquestionable”

    like the statement. very timely sa akin.

    kaya ako at the end of the day, lagi akong may time to reflect. sa totoo lang muka lang akong makasalanan sa iba or walang pakialam or matatag pero deep inside madami din ako dala dala.


    ayoko mag emo sa hindi ko blog 😀

    welcome back ser dfish.

    sana madalaw mo din si lee kasi bumalik na din siya 😀


  5. (tingin sa relos) sunday ba ngayon?
    (tingin sa kalendaryo) wala pala kong 2009 calendar dito, eto meron 2006…
    san ka galing?san ka nag surfing? nung akoy dumating, ikaw naman palay lumisan,
    kay lungkot ng buhay kong wala manlang tumatanglaw, sa madilim na dinaraanay
    biglang natalisod, akala ko dalay kulugo laang, yun pala palakay my nakakatalisod din…

  6. teka nga bok, basa muna ko latest entry ni meari. kasi naman parang ikaw na meari nito. haha

    bok, dimo ba nabasa? sabi “chasing silence” (sa tagalog, hinabol na katahimikan), e wala namang sinabing “keep silence” (in tagalog itago ang tahimik)o e ayoko din namang maitago ako.

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