English has never been easy…

For Miel and Totomel :



13 thoughts on “English has never been easy…

  1. im not denying now to your present, i will accept the truth that i leave that letter by accidentally and not purposedly by mistake in the gay bar becauce i need to forget the pain inside my hurt thats why im go to the gay bar and drunk some alcohol to forget for sometimes the pain by that fat pig obesse girlwhod calling my many names thats why im not have time to meet her by personal thats why i make that letter for her understanding that i feel hurting my hurt for calling me my name to dennis, and guess what?im now kissing by dennis and shame on you fat pig girl, shame on your, hes now all mine side and having happines time together, eat your hurt.

  2. weeeehhh… minsan gus2 ko mag filipino sa blog ko kaso meron kasi aq reader na nde pinoy so unfair sa kanila kaya kahit mahirap at nakakahiya magkamali go pa rin ng go…

    i go with darbs and totomel, di sana nakagawa na tayo ng marami libro ngayon!
    WB Dfish!

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