Halloween Parties

We had our street Halloween soiree 2 nights ago with the bubbly kids in the mask neighborhood. It was a blast of laughter and sharing of food enough for everyone: kids were showered moderately with Kopiko and other candies, adults with giveaways from one bachelor medrep. At the tune of “Nobody,” packed prizes were given to the top tomfooleries on the dance floor. Unknown to most of us, the kids had been dancing the moves of the Wonder Girls in their schools, thus dwarfing over our adults’ awkward mimicry of the sleek Korean twirlers. I got the laxative Senokot shirt as a giveaway in the adult category plus a pink-coated pen. I was happy. The rest of my time was spent chasing 1-year-10-month Hans slicing carelessly through the crowd, grabbing the microphone and mumble and sing to the delight of everyone, climbing on the parked mo-ped, swatting away the food on the table with his bare hands, snatching others’ pumpkin candy containers, and wiggling his small body to the dance music of the night – Nobody. He is bursting with too much energy enough to become a stressor in the house. But the way he shamelessly mumbled over the microphone speaks gloriously of how gregarious he is and chatty he could be opposite my pensive personality. We watched him with delight and shook our heads.

Ours is not a posh neighborhood, and nothing grand, nothing lavish, nothing pricey a prize glittered the gathering. It’s one of those common urban corners where the gossipmongers and the modest co-exist, at times in passive hostility, and in other times, in shared gaiety. Real enough, right? Halloween-like in some manners when I get to gambol with my “witchy” (and bitchy)  side by wearing masks while sharing our food and vivacity. Halloween-like in the way I romp with the “dry bones” of my alienation from God and others in a more communal way – singing, scaring each other, or playing with my shadowy self.

Halloween parties are quite a ritual where my lights and shadows are symbolically held and celebrated in fun, creative tension, where the gossipmonger and the modest in me hold hands as shameless as Hans holding and singing and mumbling undecipherable a stretch of – is it mere sound or language coherent enough from toddlers’ point of view? Clear or incoherent language, they don’t matter come Halloween party time. I am a mixture of both. Besides – who has mastered the language of the living, and who has mastered the language of the dead? I tend to oscillate only between these two ends of the bridge.

Happy Halloween peeps…


Photo credit: creative liverpool


19 thoughts on “Halloween Parties

  1. Didn’t come by for the Halloween Party Lols! My face is enough scary for me hahahah! I came to say hello and to read up on stuff I’ve missed here. Because I like your style of writing and the things you write about. On both points, you’re tops. 🙂 Hope you’re having a fine weekend, never mind the rains lols. Say, do you have perchance a picture of a smiling Jesus? Because I see a smiling Jesus in my mind. He may not be smiling about our world (am guessing) but I think I know that he smiles everytime you write in the blog. 🙂 Ciao! God bless!

  2. hello po! nagbabalik ako! hehehe.. sorry for late visit, sobrang busy na eh, i’ll email you about those things.

    nakidalaw lang and happy halloween! Godbless po!

  3. sabi nila dfish, yung mga ganyang celebration daw parang nawawala na yung pinaka spirit ng haloween. minsan nakakalimutan na daw yung parang reflection para sa mga namatay ng mg amahal sa buhay. sabi nila yan. wala namang masama basta hindi lang makalimot sa true meaning kung bakit ito sineselebreyt.

  4. kakabalik ko lang from my trip para humabol ng haloween dito sa roma…naover yata…ngayon naman di na ako makatulog sa sobrang ingay dito sa plaza sa likod ng bahay namin…may concert……
    …..ang saya pala ng haloween party nyo…

  5. Pingback: My hapi halloween 2009 entry « EXODIANS

  6. Official na talagang may Halloween din ang pinas. In my time, “ehem” 19forgotten parang wala akong maalalang… “Oh, well!” ang importante ung quality time tin Hans at ang kanyang mapagmahal na ama.

    Sabay, nahinumduaman ang gisirado nga blog entry:

    Namalikas: anak ka ng tinaps mo Dfish nganong gisirado man tu nimo. Usa tu sa akong paboritong basahon.

    • yap, tama ka lakay, dito ang mga newspaper pag nagpakita ng balita tungkol sa halloween e nakakatawa ang mga nasa pictures ay galing pinas at sabi nga talaga nila halloween craze daw sa pinas at ang gaganda ng mga costumes,hanga sila kaya sila dito gaya gaya narin, dito lahat gagawin at gagayahin para kumita ng anda jeejeje

  7. sumakit ang ulo ko kasabay ng pagsakit ng mata ko….english has never been easy, hinahanap ko pa ang translation ng iyong mga tinuran, but for sure isa lang ang na get ko…. ang post na ito ay patungkol sa halloowen…tama ba? kung ganon ilabas na ang kalabasa este ang maiinom habang tulog pa ang mga tulog at humihilik pa ang mga naghihilik.Happy halloween.

  8. Mukhang nasobrahan ata ung comment ko doon sa reply ng comment mo dfish. hahahah!

    Link: http://exodians.wordpress.com/2009/11/01/my-hapi-halloween-2009-entry/#comment-1891

    No wonder doon sa worksite ang complain ng bisor ko especially sa ginagampanang trabaho, “overzealous” daw ako. bwahahah!

    Well, what I can I do. Simple principle lang naman ang sinusunod ko. Di ba sabi sa scripture na pag-pinalakad ka ng isang milya gawin mong dalawa. kung sampalin ka sa right pisngi, ibigay mo na rin ang left na pisngi.

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