Lovey Dovey Moment with the Vicar of Dibley

This top British sitcom is memorable to me as part of our modular classes on spirituality. The main actress, Anglican vicar Geraldine Granger is described by Wiki as:

“a “babe with a bob cut and a magnificent bosom”. She is a bonne vivante and a large, liberal woman who enjoys nothing more than a good laugh, much to the consternation of David Horton. Despite her fun-loving and sometimes outrageous behaviour, she is deeply caring and does her best to help those in her parish in any way she can. She is well aware of her obesity but seems to take a relatively laid-back attitude towards it. A self-confessed chocoholic, she often will go on a diet only to break it within minutes by eating one of the innumerable chocolate bars that she has hidden throughout her house (even in hollowed-out Bibles).”

Enjoy another hilarious YT clip of the sitcom here:


17 thoughts on “Lovey Dovey Moment with the Vicar of Dibley

  1. di talaga ako makakita sa youtube.
    ako din, chocoholic, alcoholic, lafangholic, lahat na yata ng klaseng holic meron ako, buti nalang yung yosiholic at kapeholic natanggal ko na kaya naman pagtanggal nung yosiholic at kapeholic, lalong lumakas yung aking pagiging lafangholic at chocoholic, ayun obisholic na rin ako.

  2. The VICAR is back! One of the funniest episodes. The show continues here at my end every weekends. In the spirit of wine…transformed into “you know what it is…” mahirap bigkasin napaka madugong pakinggan kasi… CAROLING HOUR! AY UMPISA NA! O’ Little Town of Bethlehem – ring a bell?

    Para sa pamamahay mo Dfish, inihandog ang musika walang LETRA puro kuling ling nang gitarang strings…

  3. minsan ang wiki, patawa din no? cool din ang mga gumagawa ng site na yan 😀

    too bad i cant open video dito sa aming ofish ser dfish 😀

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