Christ the King, Christ the Beggar

I intend to reflect more theologically on Vincent van Gogh’s life except that my approach this time is more liturgical than speculative, prayerful rather than a mental exercise.

I am not ashamed to pray online and to speak the name, the greatest name of all – JESUS! The uber-intellectuals among us and the so-called paragons of secular and successful living who don’t need God can label me anything they want – subjective, irrational, charismatic, narrow-minded, fanatic. It essentially doesn’t matter to me because it’s one thing that cannot be taken away from me – my faith in Jesus no matter how imperfect.

When i declare part of my faith publicly, i know i’m not announcing a faith that doesn’t shiver before the storms of life, or grapple in the dark. I am simply declaring to whom i try to center my life with in both joy and trembling for falling short all the time yet moving on with Him. Essentially, it’s what it is and i’m keeping on even virtually. It makes me wonder how many out there in the blogosphere feel like doing the same but hampered by the fear of being labeled, turning them into an oddball no longer “in” within a culture that is growing more secular each day? Or constricted by the mindset that writing prayers or theological explorations and its vocabularies are reserved for a certain category of people in the church only?

Would you like to pray with me? I begin here:

“God waits like a beggar who stands motionless and silent before someone who will perhaps give him a piece of bread. Time is that waiting. Time is God’s waiting for our love…By waiting humbly we are made similar to God.”

Simone Weil

Jesus, the King of waiting
van Gogh waited for his talent to flourish and bless humanity with,
may i know and welcome Your waiting love in those whose talents are undeveloped or undermined by others…

i breathe thrice here…

Jesus, the Champion of waiting,
van Gogh waited for that real self-love to unfold and keep him sane,
may i know and welcome Your waiting love in those who have special need of attention and acceptance…

i breathe thrice here…

Jesus, Hero among “beggars,”
van Gogh begged for love in his lifetime,
may i know and welcome Your begging love in the deprived, the abused, those who live on the edges of society, those who crawl in the night of despair…

i breathe thrice again…

Jesus, the Greatest Listener,
Don MacLean wrote of van Gogh:
“They would not listen, they’re not listening still,”
may i know and welcome Your waiting love by listening more than by judging others…

i breathe thrice here…

Jesus, the God who “failed” on the Cross,
van Gogh lived and died with rejections and failures all his short life,
may i know and welcome Your patient, waiting love from among those classified by society’s standards as the dregs, the failures, the non-passers, the mindless, the weirdos, the oddballs…

i breathe thrice here…

JESUS – whose Kingdom is one of patient, waiting love,
renew my mind, renew my whole being,
according to Yours. AMEN.

Photo credit: cosmic kid99


15 thoughts on “Christ the King, Christ the Beggar

  1. salamat sa prayer…i do appreciate praying it with you….i do like the idea of yours of Jesus the beggar…because in reality…parang ganun na naman talaga…sya yung hari pero…namamalimos parati ng ating pagmamahal, time, pag-unawa…etc…kaya nga siguro siya’y tunay na anak ng Diyos kasi…kaya nyang maghintay, maghamal, magbigay ng hindi nanghihingi ng kapalit….hanggang mamalimos …..

    • Salamat din Blu sa palagiang pagdalaw at pakikiisa sa mga adhikain at panalangin. Honga eh – God na Siya, Siya pa ang namamalimos. Mahirap intindihin ng makataong pang-unawa…

  2. I salute you for not being ashamed to pray online. Not all bloggers are brave enough to do that. I wish I could make posts like the way you do. You always find a connection between spirituality and our mundane activities. By the way, nice kaayo ang prayer. 🙂

  3. Happy Christ the King Fiesta! It would be like 2 months I did not attend mass and I forgot twas Christ the King today… God loves me so much… Imagine ang hari pa ang nangita ug paagi na mag-uban mi sa Iyang adlaw karon.. naglangi akong mama na magpalibre sine 2012, maski wa ko plano moadto siyudad aq giubanan kay di q kadili basta ang ms universe na ang mohangyo… nakasimba q ahat kay wa pa pud diay kasimba akong mama… anyway, wa gihapon q tanaw 2012 labon na ang twilight.. galaroy-laroy lang q gahulat sa aq inahan…

    Christ, the King who never ceases to love His people even to those who neglect His call.. What I am going thru right now is between Him and me and I thank you for your entries igsoon ug padayon sa pagpagamit na instrumento para sa Iyang kahimayaan!

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