The Maguindanao Massacre and our Sacred Call

These past 2 days, I have been fuming with anger over the horrible news of human massacre. Too loaded with horror and violence not to rage against the murderers, against those who lust for money and power. Not even the beast of beasts could despicably curtail such a number of human, precious children of God. It was demonic, wretched beyond words could describe. In my anger, i came across again with a section of Psalm 69:

Make their own table a snare for them,

a trap for their friends.

Make their eyes so dim they cannot see;

keep their backs ever feeble.

Pour out Your wrath upon them;

let the fury of your anger overtake them.

Make their camp desolate,

with none to dwell in their tents.

This may not be the most compassionate prayer one could pray. In fact, it is a very dangerous prayer. But it resonates with my anger and helplessness while acknowledging that on the human level, i want to see or hear the murderers and those complicit to the crime punished for the evil acts incurred. I can stay up to this acknowledgment only; no further violence is needed because really, the root of the problem is less political than spiritual. Spiritual not in the sense of the time-dyed Christian-Muslim rift but in the sense of the loss of a deeper, growing connection with the Sacred that religions try to codify, the connection with the Sacred who is the Source of human life commanding respect, the Sacred who beckons all beings into peace both interior and external and achievable only not through the lust for money and power but through self-forgetfulness and Christlike humility. The sense of a deeper, growing connection with the Sacred is my life’s deepest calling; the rest including political mobility are supplementals. When i return to this truth over and over, i move from anger to compassion. It falls to me like a dewdrop over my dry leaf of anger and despair, gentle as the truth that this video offers. Are you ready to be reminded again of our sacred calling in which world peace is anchored upon? Wish you could stay with this; it’s worth a compassionate remembrance both of the victims and their murderers.


9 thoughts on “The Maguindanao Massacre and our Sacred Call

  1. i too share your sentiments and at moments like this i become more pragmatic than compassionate. as everyone longs for the crime to pay its due, i too is enraged and hope that wrath may fall upon the murderers as a commensurate price for their greed and lust. May God forgive me Igsoon….

  2. i could feel the anger and the cry for justice as i tuned in these past days on the maguidanao massacre…i could deeply symphatize with our brethren who lost their loved ones…it is indeed difficult to stay in equilibrium as news are annotated everyday…these are lives…innocent lives of people…i do admit in exasperation that i asked the question if indeed, this is all happening…irrational judgment..anger…greediness for power…
    …and my heart beats…compassion…love…understanding…and my mind says…death to the murderers….

    …i am finding my inner peace….and hopefully i will….

    • Yes Blu – from time to time, we are torn between the desire of “flesh” and the longing of the “spirit”, reconcilable only not in this life but in our ultimate transfiguration known in doctrine as Resurrection…

  3. sigh, i cant find a word for this, diko alam kung anung sasabihin ko at magiging reaksyon ko dun sa nangyaring insident na yun, blaming again? whats the use? pointing fingers? whats the use? kill them right now? whats the use? or kill both clans? are we sure that they are just the clans whos fighting for money and power? napakarami nyan sa tin, ang nakakapaghimutok, ganun sila ka untouchables, alam naman natin at ng lahat kung bakit, matagal ng nangyayari yang mga ganyang patayan at ubusan ng mga clans na maraming sibilyan ang nadadamay pero tuloy pa ri hanggat nandyan yung mga ganid sa pera at sa power.

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