Free Rice

This is really one cool virtual innovation from the United Nations, more specifically from its arm the United Nations World Food Programme. Been basking on the internet for the last 3 years now due to the nature of my job and have not encountered this online game even from the blog of my townsmate who works with UNAIDS. I’m happy to have found it today from contemplative writer Carl McColman site. Immediately, i installed the toolbar and the banner at my sidebar.

FreeRice was founded in 2007, but was donated to the UN World Food Programme only last March of this year. For its technical web operation, it is partnering with the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University.

I got some invites to play Farmville or Fish Aquarium from fellow facebookers. I’ve read lessons from farming through Farmville. Still, i’m not convinced enough to jump on the soil and start milking cows. i know it’s worth the fun except that it’s too time-consuming. Now, i have a better choice at Free Rice with the combo of learning, fun, and helping the hungry for real!

How does Free Rice work? You play the game ranging from vocabulary to grammar to history and every correct answer you get, the name of the sponsor who pays for the rice pops up at the bottom of the screen. The game has different levels of difficulty also. To play the game or learn more about the mechanics of the game with the goal of helping alleviate world hunger, please visit their site. or click the banner at my sidebar.


5 thoughts on “Free Rice

  1. ni hindi ko nga masilip ang facebook ko e, at ayokong mag start ng mga ganyang games dahil talaga naman daw nakaka adik lol.
    what i plan for my kids, specially during their school break is to learn how to share what they have to the hungry kids.
    di pa naman ako mayaman kaya atleast every weekend lugaw lang muna, then distribute to the kids and then share them the old toys they dont use anymore,i let my kids do it so they also learn to appreciate what they have and what other kids dont have.
    nung maliliit pa kami, wala na ngang makain wala pang laruan pero masaya kami kasi kami kami magkakapatis naglalaro kahit na nga mga dahon dahon lang na pinitas at yung mga takip ng kape yun ang pinaka burgis naming laruan,pinapaliwanag ko sa kanila na ganun kami nung araw kahirap, kaya kung anuman meron sila ngayon e wag sayangin at i share pa.

  2. this is very interesting Igsoon, at least gaming had evolved with humanitarian concern and using the internet could double its pace for realization. thanks for sharing this 🙂

    btw, i sent what you mailed me to my classmate in aklan because it sounded akyanon to me. but im still waiting for his reply…sorry

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