Voices on Arroyo’s Indecent Proposal

President Gloria M. is running for Congresswoman for the 2nd District of Pampanga this coming election. Now, she calls the decision a product of soul-searching. What a judgment! What a disservice to the Office of the President!

“I wholeheartedly suggest she gives others a chance to serve and not give in to temptation of power,”
CBCP President Angel Lagdameo

“She would have shown political delicadeza or some statesmanship if she does not run,”
Catarman Bishop Emmanuel Trance

I think she should retire.”
Laoag Bishop Sergio Utleg

“It’s not proper for a former president to seek a lower position,”
Basilan Bishop Martin Jumoad

“The reason is political dynasty and might be interpreted to cover up for something of her son although ‘self-demotion’ but ugly,”
Legazpi Bishop Emeritus Lucilo Quiambao

“She manifests addiction to power, exhibits lack of propriety and remains fixated to have a Cha-cha (Charter change)—once elected—as soon as possible, to target the Office of Prime Minister,”

“There appears to be no reasonable cause for such a constitutional prohibition as really there is no person in his or her sound mind who will do such a funny and demeaning political circus,”
Lingayen-Dagupan Archbishop Emeritus Oscar Cruz

“We knew that she’s running and she has long been campaigning using her position as chief executive without qualms,”

“She has perfected the politics of patronage which the CBCP has condemned many times in its pastoral statements,”

“As the saying goes, ‘Tell me who your friends are.’ The kind of friends Arroyo has in Maguindanao tells a lot about who she is,” he said. “The kind of friends she has in Pampanga tells no less. May God save Pampanga and the rest of the Philippines,”
San Fernando Auxiliary Bishop Pablo Virgilio David

“Her ultimate goal is to become House Speaker and ram through her burning desire to change the Constitution,”

“Since she cannot hope to beat Noynoy, her next best option is to render his victory useless and lead the change in the form of government,”
Vice Presidential Candidate Mar Roxas

“While it’s her right to do so, it surely leaves a bad taste in the mouth,”

“What else does she need to prove and accomplish?”
Senator Chiz Escudero

“She still wants to be in power,”
Senator Jinggoy Estrada

This “sets a horrible example for politicians to follow,”

“GMA (Arroyo’s initials) is making the political playing field uneven versus all demands for fairness,”
Senator Aquilino Pimentel

“The real agenda is to … shift to a parliamentary form of government and snatch power from whoever is elected president in 2010 by becoming prime minister and head of government,”
Makati Mayor Jojo Binay

“She is drunk with power and can’t get enough. I think she needs professional help,”
Representative Teddy Casino

“This is a dark day for the Philippines.”

“I am not surprised. She is still motivated by political survival at all costs,”

“I recall Senator Joker Arroyo saying that her running for Congress would be demeaning but to GMA, nothing is demeaning when it comes to political survival,”
Senator Kiko Pangilinan

Quotes Sources:
Philippine Daily Inquirer

Photo Credit: Kevin Camp


7 thoughts on “Voices on Arroyo’s Indecent Proposal

    • Hay naku – kapag ang tao ay lulong sa mga takot nga naman – takot mawalan ng ari-arian,dangal,takot matalo. Fear is not the ultimate truth. lalabas din ang katotohanan Lee…

  1. grabe naman ang mga nag comment na yan ser dfish, kala mo kung sinong malilinis. its not na kinakampihan ko si gloria pero duh, humarap kaya sila sa salamin.

    • Hehe – ang isyu kasi Dens hindi yung mga nag-comment kundi ang uri ng leadership na pinapakita ni GMA. Anong kategorya kaya ng leadership to. Sa ibang post, pwede rin natin pag-usapan yung mga commenters kasama na mga sarili natin hehe…

    • Litong-lito na Pinoy Blu. Sobrang divided mapa-religious man o politika…There’s no vision at all, even the vision for justice and violence-free society…

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