New Year “by another route”

“And having been warned not to return to Herod, they departed for their country by another route.” Mt. 2:12

Two things described as well my Advent and Christmas: sleep-deprived and overfed.

I don’t admit i’m getting insomnia, only sleep interruptions sometimes at midnight, but mostly around 3AM all the way to the hour-and-a-half away Simbang Gabi. But i suspect this is less of the dawn masses chain effect. It is more of the brain’s traffic during the day more activated by a pre-bed practice of mental silence. I’m finding out an hour of pre-bed mental silence is really interfering my sleep. A nighttime recollection may sound ideal a good centering of the spooks of activities of the day. But i recall an article i read years ago and slowly concede to its practical truth on how silence in its varied forms including Christian meditation or yoga becomes an impediment to an early, smooth slumber. Silence simply but deeply activates the mind.

It’s worthwhile to hear your experience in so far as pre-bed mental silence is concerned if you are into the practice, mindful that every experience is unique even if laden with commonalities we can resonate with.

So, one new-year-by-another-route i will pursue is to keep the practice of mental silence but not as a springboard to bed. Cursory reading, be they Scriptural or otherwise, or a pillow fight with Mommy and son will still close my waking hours. Beyond my knowledge, silence still works its way into my sleeping time even after a pillow fight.

Another new-year-by-another-route resolve relates to food. i admit i was overfed this season more from the generosity of others. To temper the season’s lavishness, i opted for dried fish during one lunch. The whole afternoon until midnight, i got so grouchy and restless, wanting to know what demon had been whipped up. Aha – that tempting salty dried fish (Eve is my mother, remember) scrambled my BP! It’s appalling how a couple of dried fish could terribly alter my biochemistry and mood, piquant enough for me to make pact for my health this year: avoid the imagination of it as a carinderia dish. Or simply avoid it this year.

Today is Epiphany Sunday. Or simply Manifestation Sunday of the Light who is God. Through the magi by a guiding star from the east towards the House of Bread otherwise known as Bethlehem.

Herod was freaking out. He doesn’t want to give up his kingly power, much more to the weakness of a mere child. He was obstinate about it, like people in power familiar to us. It makes me muse whether he really had a happy childhood because probably, all he sauntered with were power-grabbers.

So the magi said “No” to the Herodian ploy, not an easy thing by the way. “And so they departed for their country by another route.” Scripture scholars could suggest lifelong conversion of the magi as the deeper meaning of “another route”.

It may be so. Their “another route” could also be mine or yours. But i suspect only at the price of not taking for granted those small guiding stars unvarnished as sitting in calming and sometimes boring silence. Or pillow fights. Or dried fish signal.

Got fresh salmon, anyone?

Photo credit: Valley Views


8 thoughts on “New Year “by another route”

  1. bhai, pwede na sakin yung salmon na sardinas… pwede bang makagamot ng insomnia yun?matindi din ang insomnia ko pero diko aaminin nyahaha, yoko kumain ng dried fish,napaparami kin ko…

    • Haha – di ko ma-advice yan Lee. Sabaw ng sardinas, pwede siguro sa mga kati-kati sa balat mapapagod ka sa kakakamot hanggang makatulog haha. Wala akong insomnia,Walaaa! Papunta pa lang hehe.

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