A Very Sad Accident

She’s one of the more visible elderly in the neighborhood. We address her as “Nanay”. Her grandchildren detest her too often for being too strict when it comes to home time (kids nowadays are certainly too assertive for the older generation). Living by the roadside of a residential area congested by slow-moving vehicles especially in the afternoon, yesterday, she did her maternal role again of keeping watch over the romping and running kids, her grandchildren included. She’s 83, her skin loosened by years of mothering, her gait surely no longer the quickness of a blogger’s fingers. In that cramped corner of ours where we hang out to chat with one another, a road accident is less likely to happen though not an impossibility. But it happened to Nanay, yesterday at twilight when time summons us to slow down, time when even the quickest of impulses and the clearest of eyesights need the assistance of a lamppost. She tumbled from her chair, the back of her head hit the floor, bleeding profusely. The kids almost sideswiped. We have to rush her to the nearest hospital, about half-a-kilometer away only. Anger poured out all over the place. A mother of 4, learning to drive a motorcycle without license caused the now speech-impaired Nanay her suffering at the ICU. Almost everyone feels relieved to hear the news the mother and another rider are now behind bars. Not necessarily me. My heart and prayer goes out for both families. This is one unnecessary and avoidable suffering had those in the noontime of their lives were more discerning before driving. I’m simply sad enough to bring Nanay and the mother into the open space of God’s comfort and healing.

Be careful…


4 thoughts on “A Very Sad Accident

  1. when tragedy strucks…no one is prepared for it..is seems to be a mysterious twist of life’s journey, but it is a an open reality and truth..

    …many realizations..many if’s…maybe more grumblings…

    …it hurts…and my heart bleeds, most of the time, trying to comprehend…

    when tragedy strucks…no one…for that matter…is prepared..

    life is…in its twists and bends..

  2. @kuya blu: very true kuya blu. not much to say (a language in itself) in the face of tragedies except for our erupting emotions most often.

    @Snow: Indeed, quite ironically while trying to keep children safe. She passed away yesterday. May she rest in peace now, free from pain…

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