Haiti: of Faith and Suffering

217,000 Deaths

300, 000 Injured

1 Million Homeless

Thousands of Protesters

A Number Violently Arrested for Looting

There’s not much to say these days about Haiti. Pardon me for using these images without permission, images that speak of the seemingly unspeakable suffering of the Haitians, very sacramental to command its own reverence, all enveloped in sacred silence. My earnest intention is simply to spread compassion. I pray the photographers will become instruments of touching further the conscience of the world.

Friday Fasting will be my simple way of knowing the face of your hunger, of what it means to crave even for crumbs…


2 thoughts on “Haiti: of Faith and Suffering

  1. Disasters test man’s limits. I often find myself questioning God’s wisdom when there are no words to describe my pain or misery. Still, He alone, has the answers to our questions….. I offer a prayer for the people of Haiti. We share your pain and suffering and hope to see Haitians rise above your pain and rebuild the lives you lost. Help will come. But the faith alone can sustain.

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