Book for the Preggies…and Men

Haha. Let’s change gear peeps. For those pregnant for the first time, and thinking of some good, practical read for the 9-month ordeal journey, i heartily recommend When the Belly Button Pops, the Baby’s Done:  A Month-by-Month Guide to Surviving (and Loving) Your Pregnancy by Lorilee Cracker. We have our personal copy of the book and someone in urgent need for some “pregnancy points” to ponder can email me at Who knows I might give the book for free depending on spousal consent. No kidding, hehe…Author Lorilee, a mother of 3 herself, is so entertaining and witty here it never escaped my reading time back as an expectant father. Here’s a couple of rockin’ feedback from Amazon:

“What a fun book! And what a pleasant change from the preachy seriousness or sassy sarcasm of many pregnancy books these days. Craker offers loads of practical advice, addressing a pregnant woman’s basic concerns from before conception through birth (yes, she talks about sex – very wittily). The format of the book is nicely varied, with sidebars, lists of tips, reading suggestions, and – my favorite – “the pregnant pals panels” in which several different pregnant women comment on common concerns like “How can Hubby and I share this experience?” An important difference between this and other pregnancy guides is Craker’s respect for women’s spiritual lives. Rather than ignoring the subject of God completely, Craker simply urges readers at times of fear or anxiety (so common during pregnancy!) to draw strength from God in whatever way they can manage. The best aspect of the book, though, is Craker’s tone: she addresses the reader throughout in a spirit of delight, encouragement, and fun.” D. Rienstra

 “I absolutely LOVE this book and I can not recommend it enough. I had read “The Girlfriend’s Guide to Pregnancyand liked it enough, but this book had a huge component which was missing from “Girlfriend’s Guide” – the spiritual side of pregnancy which is so important to me.

Lori has written such a wonderful book, complete with verses in a non-threatening way and appropriate for all pregnant women, despite differing religious beliefs.

She has presented so much information, from before the pregnancy to the ride home from the hospital. This is all presented honestly, with an awesome sense of humor.

Panels of her girlfriends answer questions about various topics, such as the decision to return to work, how to tell co-workers and family that one is expecting, maternity clothes (the good, the bad, and the ugly), what to do about typical pregnancy worries along with recommended books for a given month, a “To Do” list for the month, and a journal she had written for her second son closes each chapter. She covers the spiritual side injected with a warm sense of humor.

I felt bad when I was getting to the end of the book, I never wanted it to end and I couldn’t put it down. I can not recommend this book highly enough, and I’m recommending this book to everyone around me who is pregnant. Such a fun and helpful book, and I look forward to reading more of Lori Craker’s books.” Kath Doula

Men – let’s build world peace. Read a book on pregnancy…


2 thoughts on “Book for the Preggies…and Men

  1. during my pregnancy,hubby reads my pregnancy book. he was so amazed on the illustrations especially on how women are giving birth. it was like sharing with him my 9 months journey.

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