Moving on…

I don’t know what to write these days, a signal not so much of a paralysis but a shifting of priorities and of images of the spiritual life that DF has been quite daring during these blogging years.

DesertFishing has been an exploratory act and movement around two major images: desert because of the seemingly endless, headed-for-nowhere wrestling with forces contrary to what i have been willing and praying to happen, and fishing because of the liminal depth of the lake of my childhood days. The hardest spiritual question, one fierce enough to test my fortitude has been: how do i go “fishing in a desert”? Will i even dare knowing that deserts are obviously arid places, hostile to creatures dependent on water? With the best that i can give – i did and left the place grateful even for the pain! I was brought into a desert because God saw in advance that i still have something to learn from being vulnerable, poor, isolated, seemingly lost, simple as biking to work. Again – it was a worthy spiritual stopover and i thank God for the “desert image.” The image has captured matters beyond my logical comprehension.

DesertFishing has been deeply connected to my inner angst and triumphs and despite its intensity, i feel it has to give way to a new “core image” because the spiritual life is always a movement, a series of stopovers, an opening up to new signs along the road. Core images can only be that sacramental, mere pointers to what ultimately is Beyond Images, the Unknown. But signs they are. 

“Core images are the central symbols of our lives and of our personalities. We can probably never completely plumb their meaning for us, but we can learn to listen, especially to listen with “symbolic ears.” They are clues to understanding and connecting with the events of our past, with our present thoughts, emotions, and behavior patterns, and even with the direction of our future. They put us in touch with ourselves at the deepest levels of personality and with the meaning of our lives, including our personal images of God.”

Jean Dalby Clift
Core Images of the Self: A Symbolic Approach to Healing and Wholeness (p. 13)

It seems this is another time to listen to new signs, to image/s that will naturally present itself and point to something beyond itself. Unfold it will in due time.

A month ago, i felt DF was closing as i collapsed post after post into a book coherent i believe as a creative output. Yes, creatively, i have now a book i target for printing. I had no idea that the “book” would also help me moved into a new ministry: bigger, livelier and systems at their enthusiastic best! In any serious spiritual journey, one can never tell where one will land on.

I’ll wait and see how the deep will roar again like humpback whales singing as if moaning some goodbye. Because we are all humpback whales: huge and creatures of the deep.


Photo credit: Peat Bakke


9 thoughts on “Moving on…

  1. I can understand that about life. We all go through and stop at certain stations in life. All for a reason which He alone would know and even planned before we were even conceived in the womb.

    I believe that in some way it’s also something of a job given us by the Big Guy. He wants us to do things for him.. things which he himself prepared for us to do for a definite reason or reasons. But then it’s not solely for saving souls, rather it’s also for the self to grow – mature – develop – and become the person God meant to be in the first place. That’s your journey.. our journey — the road to becoming our true selves through which we may be able to serve Him better. The ultimate goal.

    I could be wrong but I know how I feel and though strange are the ways of the Lord, still I trust that He knows what he is doing with our lives. Ours is to follow His lead.

    Good luck on your book. I hope to one day hold a copy in my hand and praise God for such a wonderful creative work.

    God bless you, DF.

    • Hi Ellen:
      Thank you so much for these very encouraging words. Yes, the key word really is SERVE His WILL, not ours. Likewise, i will still be around gathering morsels of wisdom from your blog. I pray you remain always in good health and in the joy of serving Him in your own ways.

  2. This must be a long journey for you, my courageous friend. You have always been an inspiration to me through your posts which I look forward to with the glee of a child. I have been in the same place many times and I still don’t know where life would lead me…….. Good luck on all your endeavors and may the light of discernment befall on you…..

    • Hi Amor,
      Yes Amor, it was a long painful journey, a waiting in the fiery dark of faith. The most gentle pat i can give myself is never to judge sweepingly that it was too bad or look back with regrets. It was meant to happen in His time. If i can look back with gratitude, then i hope i have learned the lessons from the pit stop…I guess this is basically the message – TO COUNT EVERYTHING,even the worst of times. Thank you Amor for the positive vibs you always send…
      I pray you are always in good health and in the joy of loving your family and friends…Blessings!

  3. Kapatid, reading this post and recalling to mind our email exchanges, much light has been given to me about your journey… 🙂

    This blog is really one of my favorites. Aside from jumpstarting my brain to shift from numbers to words, your entries are always permeated with a contemplative spirit that somehow requires one to stop, ask, and ruminate… 🙂 And your words, they are just beautiful – even if I casue you to be “upset”… hehehe…

    Good luck on your book…

    And don’t stop blogging… Continue to feed us, the desert dwellers…. 🙂

  4. the path of the soul, as what Thomas Moore said, is very dynamic. it doesn’t stop to one level but moves on gradually to another. this might be the reason why from inspiring blogging, you decided to write a book. i am looking forward to read your work someday Igsoon, and may you touch more precious souls along the way. God bless you always.

  5. malawak at makitid ang daan ng hiram na buhay na ito….pero, madalas nga kailangan nating bigyan pansin ang mga senyales ng ating kabubuan at kamalayan bilang manlalakbay….katulad mo, kailangan ko ring mamahinga sa pakikibaka sa isang mundo na birtwal para bigyan pansin ang tunay kong landasin…sa tabi ng aking landasin nakita ko at nasumpungan ang mga palaisipan at kasagutan na patuloy na nag-uugat sa aking malayang kamalayan….pagal at pagod minsan ang aking nararamdaman…pero kailangan kung maglakbay…ito ang aking tawag…ang tawag ng nasa itaas!….

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