A Prayer for 2010 Bar Examinees

O Loving God,
Father and Mother of us all:

Each day unfolds before us anew,
like new wine in need of new wineskin:
new challenges in our faith, new hurdles to overcome to reach our goals.

We remember in a prayerful way this month,
those who will take the Bar Exam
as they face the challenge
of working very hard to pass the exam.
Give them the fortitude of faith in You,
and confidence in themselves.
Send forth Your spirit
who would clear their minds from distractions,
and inspire them to focus on their goals and aspirations.
Bless their families,
and the academic communities who support them.
Bless as well the space where the exam will be held –
that all will be well throughout the exam.
These we pray in the name of Jesus, Teacher and Friend. Amen.


4 thoughts on “A Prayer for 2010 Bar Examinees

  1. I took the 2010 Bar exams, have checked my answers, and feel very dismal about it. I leave it all to You, O Lord. If I do not pass, please help me accept it and help me on what I am to do next as I do not think I would be able to take it again due to financial problems. Thank you Lord.

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