Trilllanes and Reyes: honor and dishonor

Both graduates of the elite Philippine Military Academy. Had he not committed suicide and instead opted to tell the truth, Reyes could have heaped more honor as a Harvard-educated, top military career man. But he didn’t. Military-turned-Senator Trillanes and company are now setting a corrective to the evil of corruption that has been tainting the military echelon, dragging this country into the deeper pit of political darkness. Columnist Conrado de Quiros once again wrote with total candor today and I quote a portion of his column:

That is the downside to Reyes’ act of self-destruction. It reinforces the code of silence, the code of omerta, the code of not “ratting” on your fellows as a point of honor.

You want lofty and heroic, don’t look at Reyes, look at Trillanes and company. You want decent and brave, don’t look at those who kill themselves rather than give up others, look at those who keep the hope alive rather than give in to pressure.

You people want honor, go back to roots. Go back to being cadets. Go back to being honest. Go back to being idealistic.

Go back to being true soldiers.


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