No to mining in Palawan

Click the image above if you want to join the march to 10 million signatures to stop mining in Palawan.


5 thoughts on “No to mining in Palawan

  1. im really interested on 10 million sign that all of you want to achieve.. im the one that didnt want the mining in palawan because it gave a damage in our sorroundings also in palawan that gave an poverty in our countryman also to the farmers…im also hoping that our goverment have an action on that case or situation that happening in palawan…also hoping that we meet the succes on what we are achieving..thank you…

  2. The mining business is benificial only to the rich people who wants to be richer.Besides of our human forces, our natural resources is the only wealth we have.Indeed, it is very important to save it not only for ourselves but also for the next generations. I hope more Filipinos would support your endeavor..
    God bless the Philppines ….

  3. I/We should choose no ,our nature will be fade because of mining .
    & I hope every filipino think about that
    Like Just what the books said
    people wou’d die beacuase of no trees !
    I hope many of us vote no
    I’m 11 yrs. old i’m too young but i know
    what i’m doing …
    God gave us nature to save our lives…
    but some people only think for them selves
    they dont think the other people …
    And they only want money
    Money can’t buy us happiness
    I hope one of us should help
    like me …

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