A Prayer for these times of natural calamities

Dearest God,
these are very uncertain times,
times of suffering for the people of Japan and the rest of humanity,
times triggering our deep-seated fear of death,
of the pain of losing,
or being swallowed into the immeasurable vastness beyond our space-time;
times fed by our human interpretation
of fire, water, earth, and wind going berserk
in their Biblical cataclysmic sense.

Our minds cry for clarity,
but we know not how Nature will move, reconfigure
in the coming days, months, years.

Our bodies cry for safety,
yet Nature shakes us, reminds us in a painful way
the fragility of human life,
for we are like “flowers quickly fading, here today and gone tomorrow,
waves tossed in the ocean; vapors in the wind.”

Have mercy on us and our human folly of arrogance and self-importance.
Help us toss into the vast humble Silence of Your self-giving love
the deceiving obstinate desires to become successful, popular, secure, important,
needed, ever-calculating Supermen and Superwomen.
Have mercy for we do not even know what really is worth-desiring – You and You alone.

Our hearts cry with the suffering, the grieving, the homeless, the orphaned,
the wounded, the hungry.
We cry for mercy with them.
We cry with them,
for their humanity is also our humanity,
the very earth they trod on is also the earth we trod on.

As we approach Your altar of Bread and Wine,
we bring our tears,
and our cries for mercy and forgiveness as our offering,
hoping that as the host is raised and the cup of wine consecrated,
our tears be transformed into our bread of steadfast faith in You,
our cries into our wine of deep trust in You,
that they may become our prayer with the Psalmist:

“Impregnate us with Love, O Comforter!
Let our fears be transformed;
let all that keeps us separated and confused flee!
As smoke is blown away, so let our fears rise up before You;
as wax melts before fire,
let our fears be melted by Love!
Then we will be released from bondage;
we will exult before the Beloved;
we will be jubilant with joy!

As the earth quakes, as floods strike without warning,
let your Presence be near.
As the mountains tremble and volcanoes spew forth ash,
let your Presence be near.
As rain falls in abundance on desert floors
restore the lands that they might flourish,
that the flocks may roam and graze on fertile fields.
In your Mercy, O Beloved,
You provide for the needy.
You are with us.”

Amen to your Presence…

Psalm 68 from Nan C. Merill’s Psalms for Praying


2 thoughts on “A Prayer for these times of natural calamities

  1. This prayer is most beautiful, timely, refreshing, needed for these trying times. It is welcome as fresh water poured on dry ground. Thanks for sharing it with us!

  2. I was at my doctor’s clinic for the regular checkup just recently and we talked about the disaster in Japan. Out of curiosity I asked him… “does it worry you?” He smiled, looked at me and simply said — “We have a God.”

    I also have this on my desktop…… ‘Don’t be totally worried about everything that’s going around you. It’s my job.’ — Signed, Jesus

    Blessings to you and your family, my friend.
    God bless your kind and gentle heart.


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