Mountains in my dream…

Twice this week, I dreamt of climbing spiral staircases, one was leading to a mountain I saw from afar and dared to climb until its “2nd level”. The “climb” seems a little steeper still, especially this Lent.

Photo credit:

Mountains continue to fascinate me. On our way home from a retreat, I took a couple of photos of these mountains not too distant from the highway:

Mountains are full of paradoxes – exhilarating and scary, breathtaking and challenging. Much like the lush and arid mountains above. Both have appeared in my one dream. The Sacred it seems is fond of revealing and being hidden through the mountain of paradox.


2 thoughts on “Mountains in my dream…

  1. The mountain’s peak once reached provides the best vantage view for the plains, for sunrise, for sunset and for most things…

    And this most of the time provides the rush and the exhilarating feeling of having conquered the mountain… The difficulty of the clim then pales in comparison to the view at the top… 🙂

    For the strength to continue the climb Kapatid!

    • Tama ka Kapatid, in climbing the mountain, we experience little transfigurations even in perspectives. Thank you for the vivid notes…Let’s keep climbing…

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