Epicenter: An Apocalyptic Forecast?

When is the “end of the world”? Will the ancient Mayan calendar prediction of a herculean global shift by 2012 soon to happen? No sensible scientist or prophet can give us the exact date. And the rest of our apocalyptic obsessions are what apocalypticism scholar Lorenzo DiTomasso labeled (his book The Architecture of Apocalypticism will soon be published by Oxford) as an “adolescent response” to our complex problems. Yet, author Joel Rosenberg seems to be giving us some hints on how these “last days” will happen through his book Epicenter: Why the Current Rumblings in the Middle East Will Change Your Future.

This book is simply phenomenal though alarming! It is about an impending  “last days” of the world based on the prophecy of Prophet Ezekiel chapters 37 & 38. But author Joel Rosenberg is not your typical roadside millenarian who carries a 4×4 placard imploring pedestrians to say 1000 rosaries daily. He is a top level communications strategist and researcher, a Jew converted to an evangelical Christian. He has interviewed Presidents and military top brass worldwide. He is no psychic nor clairvoyant but the way he connects economic and political world events and his erudite look at Ezekiel 37 & 38 have made this book phenomenal. He seems to be gifted with reading and connecting the dots, proven by his previous novels mapping some of the major world events like 9/11, the war with Saddam, the death of Arafat, and now the brewing nuclear alliance of Russia (to rebuild the fallen Soviet Empire) and Iran to annihilate Israel which he claims is soon to happen and corresponds to the “last days” prophesied by Ezekiel.

His data made Prophet Ezekiel’s vision very real to happen. Can’t put the book down. Even if you are not interested in the “last days,” just reading the book will give you solid information on geopolitics and economics especially in the Middle East and how it is affecting the global landscape. The book is republished locally by OMF Literature and is tagged at 195 pesos.


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