I am the Arroyos and the Ligots. I am Merceditas.

“Rather, it is that my sin and your sin consists not in isolated small or gross acts committed or omitted by our choices and actions, or in some vague, isolated theoretical attitude, but instead that we, you and I, by virtue of our common humanity, and in the solitude from which true relationship springs, come to realize that we are implicated in every sin.”

Maggie Ross, The Fire of Your Life (Church Publishing, Inc.: New York, 2007, p.37)

Lord, have mercy on this bedraggled Christian nation! Lord, purify me by Your great mercy that I may seek repentance for my sin and turn to you to be renewed and reclaim my belovedness in You. Teach me the ways of self-sacrificing love that I may turn out more just towards others and your creation. Amen.


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