Garbage Avalanche in Baguio

The death toll that Typhoon Mina left rose to 14 lives as of yesterday, most were buried by landslides in mountainous Baguio. The most unexpected culprit however was not entirely the rolling of boulders but by the avalanche of garbage from a dumpsite above a residential area.

As I was watching the news and the local government tried to respond to the mammoth problem and work of rescue and clearing the area, one point punched by the Mayor of Baguio, Mayor Domogan struck me. He said that there would have been no need for dumpsites had the people been compliant and consistent with the policy of recycling and waste segregation.

One commendable eco-work my parish is endeavoring currently is partnership with the multinational company Uniliver. The parish is encouraging parishioners to bring all plastic products, empty sachets to the church which are turned over to the company. The company recycles those plastics into concrete pavers given in return for free to the parish. It takes me 10 minutes to walk to the church but I am committed to bringing a bag or two now and then.

Care for human life and the environment can only happen piecemeal…


Photo credits: MSNBC and The State 


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