Places and their silent stories…

“Places can be teachers too, carrying the cumulative wisdom of all that has happened over time in a particular location. You can ask yourself: Which places speak most strongly to you? Are you a forest person? A desert person? Are you a lake lover or river watcher? Which places have offered you wisdom and drawn you back again and again? The wisdom places whose smells and sounds offer specific teachings that “fit” for you are places most deeply entrained in your heart. We don’t always know why certain places feel so powerful or alive.

Sacred places have been described by poets, shamans, psychologists and naturalists. We know each place to be a unique geography of landforms, weather events, and hundreds of criss-crossing paths of people, birds, winds, and insects over time. Specific places hold specific histories whose stories carry meaning from one generation to the next. What makes a place numinous or filled with wisdom energy is more than anyone could ever completely explain, and that mystery itself is a teaching.”

Stephanie Kaza

Mindfully Green: A Personal and Spiritual Guide to Whole Earth Thinking (Shambala, Boston: 2008, pp. 90-91

                   Coron, Palawan from onlyyoutrust

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