Praying with Landforms and Waterforms

Collect for Landforms

LIFE-GIVER, we praise you for the many different kinds of landforms there are on the earth. Mother Earth has such a variety of features from the heights of Mt. Everest to the depths of the Grand Canyon and so much in between. We appreciate the landforms themselves and the life that each sustains, from the water lilies and alligators of the swamps, to the frogs of the fens, to the cacti and snakes of the mesas, deserts, and dry places. Whether the form is high or low, flat or round or craggy, whether it’s near water and wooded or in a dry barren place, all add to the health of the planet’s ecosystems. Guide us in being partners with the landforms that share the Earth with us.

Jensen, Jane Richardson & Watkins-Harris, Patricia. She Who Prays: A Woman’s Interfaith Prayer Book. Harrisburg, PA: Morehouse Publishing, 2005, p. 117)

Collect for Waterforms

JESUS, you were baptized in the Jordan River as a sign of repentance and of birth into new life. We praise you for the many waterforms on the Earth. We treasure the life that lives in the salt water of the oceans and the fresh water of tiny creeks, huge rivers and waterways, and lakes. We thank you that there are bodies of fresh water large enough to give refuge to unknown creatures of the deep and wee lochs that come from rain filling a depression in the land. May we treat the waterforms of this Earth with respect, so they and all manner of life dependent on them are able to thrive. Amen.

Jensen, Jane Richardson & Watkins-Harris, Patricia. She Who Prays: A Woman’s Interfaith Prayer Book. Harrisburg, PA: Morehouse Publishing, 2005, p. 117)

Mt. Banahaw


Photo credit: Bukisa


3 thoughts on “Praying with Landforms and Waterforms

  1. Hi, I’m thrilled you like my prayers enough to put them on your website. However I’d appreciate it if you’d cite the authorship properly. She Who Prays: A Woman’s Interfaith Prayer Book is by Jane Richardson Jensen & Patricia Harris-Watkins. I, Jane, actually wrote those two collects.
    I’d also really like to see the bibliographic info. given after each prayer, so if someone copies the first prayer, they get the source info. Thanks, Jane

    • Dr. Jensen,
      Thank you for your comment – it’s really to the point as I acknowledge my ethical oversight, first for publishing your Collects without permission from the publisher, and for citing your book improperly by not including your name. I take personal responsibility for taking the risk. After reading your comment, I was caught in a crossroad – to delete the post or to keep it. But then, with your kind permission also, I decided to keep it. Copyright aside, your permission helps the intention of this blog to promote reading and good books with contemplative bent where access to them is wanting. Again, thank you for your kind permission.

      • Thanks for adding my name. Your website has beautiful photos and meaningful poems, etc. Best wishes for a lively 2012.

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