“I don’t care!” Desert

For all the global natural calamities claiming human lives and properties, there’s seems to some Force who doesn’t seem to care. Welcome to the “desert” of landslides, floodings, tsunamis, storm surges, heavy rains! Welcome to their indifference! The poor may often become the victims of this but only the poor in spirit can make sense of this indifference.

“Half of the desert’s work is to disrupt and to ignore, to invite us outside of ourselves and everything we’ve been previously taught to think so important. But the other half of the desert experience is to discover ourselves as loved; set free in some new way to renegotiate our lives as we’d never imagined before. Now there’s no guarantee of this. But it’s not uncommon that in letting go of what is irretrievably lost, we find ourselves “met”, on the other side of that loss, in a way that we’d never expected.

This desert, by the way, doesn’t have to be a distant geographical locale to which we go. More often that not, it’s a broken place of emptiness that comes to us. But entering this vast and silent terrain, whether symbolic or real, you and I bring all of our fears and anxieties, our warped sense of self-importance and none of it matters at all. That stretching expanse of distant mesas cares nothing for your frail presence. Your image isn’t important here. Having a Ph.D., or anything else behind your name, doesn’t mean a thing here. The wind has blown over these eroded rocks for thousands of years without any help from you or me, thank you very much!”

Belden Lane, Ph.D

Photo credit: Nodeju


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