Bishop Tagle presiding mass at the Supreme Court…

I don’t care really care about Bishop Tagle consenting to the invitation of the Supreme Court for a mass. It was his prerogative as well as of the Supreme Court under the newly impeached Chief Justice Renato Corona. But what’s breaking my silence is the mockery of the mass because of the obvious intention behind this photo:

Outrageous from a liturgical point of view where Corona’s “happy face” is larger than any religious icon at the improvised altar. Who are they celebrating at the mass – Corona or Christ? The Archdiocesan Liturgist could have been more discreet in their consent by setting some “altar standards” and more discerning in the context of a Chief Justice under fire and who is getting almost an abysmal support from the people to prove his integrity.  If Government offices and public officials want to have their masses, then, please don’t reduce the mass as Christmas party appendage or for political propaganda through self-promotion.

This is so shitty a photo where the Word from the pulpit should have been larger than any celebrity, under fire or not!


Photo credit: PDI



One thought on “Bishop Tagle presiding mass at the Supreme Court…

  1. Bad taste indeed. Does not matter which side you are on, but this is a very irresponsible way to offer the Holy Mass. I do not put the blame on Archbishop Tagle, but it could have been more appropriate considering the sensitivity of the politics behind the two battling politicians.

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