Dirty Politics and the Abuse of the Eucharist

Fr. Sean and I share the same observation on how the masses sponsored by the Supreme Court are turned into spiritual machinations to prove the innocence of Chief Justice Renato Corona and to gather support from the religious establishments. Pathetically, even the Carmelite-trained Archbishop of Lipa Ramon Arguelles seems to exhibit shortness of discernment by considering the impeachment as a parody, devoid of truth-seeking. What! Even ordinary believers see moments of national purification, or warfare with our deepest lies and lust for power and wealth the Chief Justice only “exemplifies”. Anyway, here’s Fr. Coyle’s letter sent to the Philippine Daily Inquirer:

“As a Catholic priest, I want to express my utter disgust at the regular use of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass for political purposes in the Supreme Court. (Inquirer, 5/18/12) There are millions of Filipino Catholics who have no access to Mass and they are the poor.

If the members of the Corona family wish to attend Mass, are they incapable of finding their way to one of the many churches in Manila?

The Vatican Council describes the Mass as “the source and summit of the Church’s actions.” No bishop or priest has the right to use it for political purposes, no matter how noble.”


Fr. Sean Coyle is a member of the Missionary Society of St Columban, from Dublin, Ireland, in the Philippines most of the time since 1971. He is editor of Misyon, http://www.misyononline.com


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