“The Pope We Want”

The Pope We Want
Tags : cardinals, Papacy, pope, Roman Catholic Church
Published Date: March 6, 2013

Catholic Discernment for a Leader.

“We do not want a king or prince to rule; priest or prophet to preach; patriarch or monarch to control; colored or colorless to represent; conservative or conformist to maintain.”

“We hope that the Cardinals gathered in Rome to listen to the Spirit of the Lord will include the Bishops of the world as possible candidates for passive vote.”

“All the mainline religions, including the Catholic Church, have been on a downward slide leading to irrelevance and ineffectiveness. Will the electors choose one to lead downward or upward? Will the one elected say “the Spirit of the Lord is upon me” or “the Spirit has elected me”? or someone who does not make the difference between the two.”

“We need someone who takes us through the unfinished job of Vatican II Reforms though it is 50 years old. The implementation is rated as low as 10% by some of the Council veterans! Perhaps he will be inspired to call for a new Council to look at the radically changed world and dare to lead with a difference.”

“Good Governance is an evangelical value system and the governments all over the world have been addressing it. Should the Church be outside of it? Papacy is more than the Pope. Will the new leader address the concerns of the entire church leadership, including that of the religious congregations, who are facing death and disintegration?”

“We need a leader who is not afraid of change in this fast changing world but can lead change in the community with constant gaze on God and the action of His Spirit in the world.”

Source: Mani Mekkunnel


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