Rick Warren’s son committed suicide

Was googling about the recent suicide of 2 college students when I stumbled on Rappler’s most recent post on the suicide of Rick Warren’s son side by side with the stories of the students. The said students’ suicide, allegedly due to failing grades, happened 3 weeks after the case of Kristel Tejada. Three days after Tejada’s case,  a high school sophomore shot himself with a caliber .45 pistol after he could no longer take the bullying by his classmates, as reported by Philstar.

How many out there are cornered in the darkness of mental anguish and pain, crying for comfort and healing?

Invocation to the Spirit of the Risen Lord

Spirit of healing
we invoke your presence
flow like a river
washing all our wounds.

Spirit of comfort
come as we come to you
blow like a gentle wind
breathing through our burden.

Spirit of the Risen Lord
Healer of humanity, Healer of the world
come be our power
nurse our fragile, broken selves.

Spirit of hope
refuge of the weary
restore our health we pray
and make us whole.



Originally written as a song lyrics.

Photo credit: steveseay


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