“Following a public lecture in Cambridge, England, Archbishop Rowan Williams was
once asked how he retained the virtue of Christian humility amidst the pomp and
prerogatives of his office. His reply was to recount a moment when the “absurdity of
it all”, as he put it, first struck him: as a young priest parading past a group of gawking
tourists in a cathedral where a service was about to start, and noting the looks of
half-amused incredulity while he and his fellow priests marched past in full regalia.
A consciousness of the incongruities and dilemmas of high office, Williams went on
to say—representing hierarchical power in an institution that claims to follow a
rejected and crucified Messiah—can help counter temptations to self-regard.”

Jeffrey W. Bailey
University of Cambridge

Book Review: Power and Christian Theology by Stephen Sykes


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