Bishop Geoffrey Robinson on the sexual abuse in the Church

Bishop Geoffrey Robinson on sexual abuse in the Church:

“we can no longer limit our blame to the individuals, but must also look for factors within the very culture of the Church that have contributed. And when so many authorities in the church have attempted to conceal the abuse, or treated victims of abuse as though they were an enemy of the church, we must again look for systemic factors behind such behavior, factors that are part of the very culture of the church.”

“The very structure of the church, with a monarchical pope insisting on obedience and using coercive means to ensure conformity, means that the angry god is never far away. … This has created a church in which, despite the talk of love, practice has been based too much on fear rather than love, and authorities have always had the support of the angry god for their words and actions.”

“Ministry can become misshapen, to the point of abuse, because of the elevated notion of ordination that has evolved over centuries, the “ontological” difference that serves to separate priests from the rest of humanity. What results is a mystique that leads to a sense of privilege and protection from accountability.”

Bishop Geoffrey Robinson
Retired Auxiliary Bishop of Sydney


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