Baraka: a wordless film

“Baraka is the most ambitious and astonishing film of the year — a real spellbinder! The title is taken from a Sufi word meaning “blessing” or “essence of life.” This non-narrative expands our awareness of the world and helps widen our circle of compassion. Produced by Mark Magidson and directed by cinematographer Ron Fricke using the 70 millimeter film format, it was photographed on six continents in 24 countries including Tanzania, China, Brazil, Japan, Kuwait, Cambodia, Japan, Iran, Nepal, and the United States.

With its breathtaking cinematography and mesmerizing music, Baraka delivers an unforgettable collection of snapshots from the global family album. Startling, powerful, and moving images portray the vastness and variety of nature, city life, sacred sites, rituals, and the shared distress of earth and humankind. The images are carried into our consciousness and connected to our feelings by the soul-stirring music and sound collages of composer Michael Stearns.”


baraka 1


baraka 2

baraka 3

A wordless film, as open-ended as it could get. You can watch it here. Synopsis is from this site.


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