What’s technology for us in 2014?

Before reading this article, you might want to view this video:


My Big Hang-Up in a Connected World
One man’s rage against the communication revolution and the dying of civility

By Ted Gup
Smithsonian magazine

“Like me, my mother was not quite ready for the communication revolution. As a teacher of journalism, I tell myself that all this connectedness is the link that joins the Family of Man. But in my quieter moments (of which there are now not many), I see we’ve created a nation of zombies—heads down, thumbs on tiny keyboards, mindless millions staring blankly, shuffling toward some unseen horizon. To them, the rest of us are invisible. Not long ago, a colleague was startled to see a young woman approaching; she had been too absorbed in her texting to notice the words “Men’s Room” on the door. For one brief shining moment, she was at a loss for words.”

You can read the rest of this 3-year old hilarious article here.   



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