Garbage from Canada

Garbage from Canada



In June 2013, the Philippine Bureau of Customs (BOC) started to receive tons of importation of 50 forty foot container vans from Canada filled with USED mixed heterogeneous waste composed of USED plastic bags, bottles, newspaper, household garbage, and even used adult diaper. THE importation is under the name of CHRONIC PLASTICS as both, CONSIGNEE and SOLD TO PARTY. On the hand, CHRONIC INC. is the SHIPPER.

The BOC DECLARED THE 50 FORTY FOOTER container vans filled with used heterogeneous wastes as UNLAWFUL IMPORTATION pursuant to Republic Act 6969 entitled, “Toxic Substances and Hazardous and Nuclear Waste and Control Act of 1990”. In the same manner, the importation constitute ILLEGAL TRADE pursuant to the BASEL Convention On The Control Of Transboundary Movements Of Hazardous Waste And Their Disposal.

On 13 March 2014, the  Department of Health (DOH)- Bureau of Quarantine inspected the container vans and reported that the 18 OPENED container vans need to be  DISINFECTED the soonest time possible. The cost of the disinfection will be shouldered by the Philippine government; and the cost effective way of disinfecting is through sodium hypochlorite (bleach solution).

On 17 March 2014, upon consultation with ANG NARS, BOC, and DOH- Bureau of Quarantine, the parties have agreed on the ORGANIC method of disinfecting. Albeit its cost (roughly P20,000.00 to disinfect the 18 opened vans) , it will however benefit the neighboring communities and the environment, specifically the Manila Bay, for being less abrasive in decreasing the risks of health hazards.

In February 2014, the BOC filed a complaint before the Department of justice against Chronic Plastics.

The 50 container vans, until now, are left in the vicinity of the BOC. The garbage juice are now LEAKING and pose extreme health hazards and irreversible environmental problems in our country.

In sum, this illegal trade or unlawful importation violates the rights of the parties under the Basel Convention, thus:

On 22 March 1988, The Basel Convention was adopted where Philippines is a signatory. It is  principally designed  “to reduce the movements of hazardous waste between nations, and specifically to prevent transfer of hazardous waste from developed to less developed countries.” The primary objective  of this treaty is “to protect human health  and environment against  the adverse effects of hazardous wastes.” This prohibits trafficking of wastes.

ANG NARS, together with  Public Services Labor Confederation  (PSLINK), Ateneo School of Government (ASOG), GreenpeaceGreen ConvergenceEcowaste CoalitionMother Earth Foundation, and Ban Toxics petition the Canadian Embassy to hasten the RE-EXPORTATION of the 50 FORTY FOOTER container vans to Canada; to REIMBURSE the actual cost incurred by the Philippine government; and, to RESTITUTE the damages it may have caused.

NO to Canadian garbage transboundary movement!

Philippines is NOT a dumping soil of Canadian garbage!


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