The road to wholeness is often a messy, slow, slippery, slimy business one  often has no choice but to content temporarily with “wet pants.” Here’s one story:

The chief executive of a large company was greatly admired for his energy and drive. But he suffered from one embarrassing weakness: each time he entered the president’s office to make his weekly report, he would wet his pants!

The kindly president advised him to see a urologist, at company expense. But when he appeared before the president the following week, his pants were again wet!

Didn’t you see the urologist?” asked the president.

No, he was out. I saw a psychiatrist instead, and I’m cured,” the executive replied. “I no longer feel embarrassed.” :0)


The Spirituality of Imperfection p.44


Lovey Dovey Moment with the Vicar of Dibley

This top British sitcom is memorable to me as part of our modular classes on spirituality. The main actress, Anglican vicar Geraldine Granger is described by Wiki as:

“a “babe with a bob cut and a magnificent bosom”. She is a bonne vivante and a large, liberal woman who enjoys nothing more than a good laugh, much to the consternation of David Horton. Despite her fun-loving and sometimes outrageous behaviour, she is deeply caring and does her best to help those in her parish in any way she can. She is well aware of her obesity but seems to take a relatively laid-back attitude towards it. A self-confessed chocoholic, she often will go on a diet only to break it within minutes by eating one of the innumerable chocolate bars that she has hidden throughout her house (even in hollowed-out Bibles).”

Enjoy another hilarious YT clip of the sitcom here:

A Love Triangle

While the typhoon wind was raging last Saturday, I was re-reading Hagar – one of the most dramatic stories in the hagar1 hagar book of Genesis, and one that’s truly universal in its portrayal of the complexity of human desires. Hagar was Abram’s Egyptian maidservant. When Abram’s wife Sarai in her advanced age could no longer bear a son for him, it was Sarai herself who told Abram to sleep with Hagar. Round as the Halloween moon, Hagar got pregnant as Abram’s wife. In a very fickle-minded manner, the news of Hagar’s pregnancy angered Sarai and soon despised and mistreated her. Hagar fled into the desert, found by the Lord’s angel, announcing to her a child she would name Ishmael will be born soon, telling her to go back to Sarai’s household and submit to her.

If blogging or facebook had been a fad then, Hagar could have handily hang out online, her FB wall streaming with the sense of betrayal and isolation that Sarai had caused. What could have been her blog titles, intentionally anonymous for the despicable thought that Sarai from the other end, could google her anytime and once found, would craft comments (also anonymously) to further degrade her? Some possible titles:

  • The Wife That Never Was
  • Desert Rodent
  • Hating S.
  • Point of No Return
  • Missing Abloy
  • Laylay Na, Sablay Pa

Haha – you can come up with your own… Our time, our age of information of course, is a point of no return, and is pointless to return, to the time when the world beyond our yards were largely unknown or unheard of. What’s known is known so that denying factual knowledge is like puking food forcibly. The point for this hypothetical set-up is to highlight differences of our time and Hagar’s: ours is a time of increasing speed and space to vent out our thoughts and emotions, a time of growing human solidarity with our personal malaise. Isang note lang sa FB ng sama ng loob at may makiki-simpatiya na kaagad. Hagar’s time must be doubly depressing for its snobbishly hard and isolating landscape. Ikaw kaya mapadpad sa disyerto bitbit ang mo ang yong love triangle drama? Desert life is survival at its extreme.

But hey – i need not be quick to judge desert time especially from the lens of our ‘information time’. One – i haven’t lived in a physical desert. Two – I’m not Hebrew for whom deserts are ambivalent places of struggle with the “demons” as well as transfiguring landscape of dialogues with God. And third – silence and solitude (space and intention to be alone with God) is not the staple habit of our tendentiously noisy ‘information time’. I can only approximate what the desert time was for Hagar in silence and solitude and less through our antsy information time. Every good thing has its own pathology they say. Parang siomai lang sa bagoong alamang pag too much daw.

On the contrary, what was good about the boring indifference of desert time that Hagar encountered was the gift of picking up “hints and guesses” from the Lord’s angel. Sinong gustong makausap ang anghel ni God, taas ang kamay? The problem is even the image of a conversation with an angel appears too mountainous to absorb for our ‘information time’ mindset, even laughable from our literal, scientific, and practical conditioning. But the greater point is in the silence and solitude of Hagar, painful as it was, anything can happen – even an angel’s appearance. Or a burning bush. Or being blessed with courage enough for Hagar to decide to go back to Sarai and face the love triangle drama head-on. Surely, more dramas await Hagar at Abe’s house. At wala pa ring broadband sa kanyang pagbalik kaya wala ring blogging at fezbuk hehe.


Photo credit: Lillylilla

My Grandparents’ Career

No families are the same, right? I wish mine is similar with those who are fond of memorabilias, having a sort of museum within an ancestral home, keeping ancient letters and land titles, church certificates or trophies, hair strands of my grandparents’ first hair cuts or their tortoise-thick eyeglasses. We don’t have, at least in my family; perhaps, my Nanay Poren has. Its great to have in my wishful opinion for some dappled reasons:

  • Part of having a strong sense of personal identity is having a strong sense of one’s past, warts and wholesome
  • Our biological families are our closest identifiable connection with the rest of humanity (read: you are not born from bamboo crack)
  • You know when and how much Zagoo you could only gobble in a day if diabetes runs in the family and your weight is becoming a burden
  • If a 6-year old kid starts blogging beyond control, you know who’s blameworthy (read: talent runs in the fmaily and so are habits)
  • What about this: parents’ last will and testament especially if they big landholders and imperial in their properties and savings? (read: personal interests run wildly in the family)

Sadly, neither savings nor sepias of Latin masses my grandparents attended were filed for posterity or wealth rolling except this – my grandparents career, and I have a couple of representational records to show. They are worth emulating in their excellence and dedication until their old age.

For my grandpa’s, you may click this image:

old man 1

For my grandma’s, you may click this image:

old woman

Forgiveness. They were good. I just miss them.

Alyansa Mamuyangay (Sinurigao Post)

Ini na, nagsugod na sab an kabibo sa baryo. Ako lamang ini binisay-on kay basin molaong an ako cockfight mga ig-agaw na way kana kay ininglis, dili masabtan nan ila mga klasmits sa buyangan. Motoo kaw na dili hisabtan na inin ako mga ig-agaw mga nagpaka-gradwet man iton na kolehiyo?

Hamok an ako pangutana nan paghidungog ko nan ini. Sin-o may una nakahuna-huna nan ini? Politiko ba kaha o mga ordinaryo na mamuyangay samtang naghigop-higop nan sabaw nan nilat-an na bihag na may pahilis na Emperador? Butang ta politiko an nagpalujo nan ini, dili man siguro lisud imajinon na aja gadjud magpa-pansin para ibigin kintahay nan mga mamuyangay. Kon ini na ideya gikan mismo sa kuno ubos pero nagkanat an kwarta na hut-ong nan ato katilingban, posible pa na katuohan an ila reklamo na tagaan sab sila nan bentaha sa Kongreso. Pwede sab na aja na ini sakji nan mga politiko kay hibayo na man kita, hapit na an eleksyon.

Nahikatawa ako sa pangutana ni Arnold Clavio sa ila promotor na an ngayan si Nid Anima (way kataw-anay nan ngayan): “Uman badja, dili pa igo na adto kamo magpatabang sa mga Kongresista na mamuyangay sab?” Hahaha. Ya pay labot an mga gobernador sanan mayor sa pangutana.

Balitaw, lain-lain man siguro an ato reaksyon: an iban, aja taas an kilay (kon may kilay pa ayang ayang man); an iban magpibuhakhak rakan bahala pungag; an iban, aja kayot sa uyo sanan buhok bisan nipis na; an iban, amo ra lamang gihapon, hamok an pangutana. An iban sab – “utot nila, umay dako kon maghagudhod tanan list-party sa Malakanyang” (klaro gadjud na way panhimangkaagan kay imbes Kongreso, adto man idasok sa Malakanyang). Kon jaoy nangalipay nan ini, wayay lain kondili an mga mamuyangay mismo.

Pero an ngayan na “mamuyangay” lain-lain badja an kategorya. Amo ra gud nan “manginumay” – jaoy grabe ka palabayong, jaoy moinum ra lamang kaisa sa isa ka semana, jaoy modimdim ra lamang nan isa ka pilsen pag-uli nan bayay gikan sa tarbaho, jaoy moinum ra kon may okasyon parehas nan kasal, bunyag, lubong sanan kasal, bunyag lubong (tagtudjo ko ini). An pinaka-grabe – jaon modayag pa nan sanggutan bisan bayong na karadjaw. Nan kuman kay inin lain-lain na klase nan “manginumay” kay lain-lain man sab an mga interes pampersonal, an tarbaho, an mga ranggo sa katilingban, an tag-gikanan na pamilya, an mga koneksyon. Kon pananglitan adja sab sila mag-organize nan Alyansa nan Palabayong, an pangutana – kanin-o man interes an gusto protektahan o kaha dugangan pa – an kan manager nan bangko na Bouchard ra an imnon, o kan iyo na sige ra inom kay nagpinuluho pagpangita nan tarbaho?

Dili ako kon mamuyangay pero hibayo sab gamay nan inin buyang. Parehas sa mga manginumay – jaoy adik nan buyang na magdukag an alima kon dili makagunot nan manok, kwartahan, mga opisyales nan gobyerno, mga young professionals pero estambay, mga igo ra mag-atiman nan manok kay swerte an alima pirmi daug, tig-timpla nan hilo para sa tari, mga sindikato. Kuman, kanin-o man interes an protektahan pa o kaha dugangan pa sanan uno man ini na mga interes? Kamo ra kay paigo sa idjo tubag. Ajaw lamang ako palat-a nan bihag kay kahas iton nan gasul hahaha.


Photo credit: mattplask

Women are getting more beautiful. And men?

Four days ago, I met at the mall a schoolmate of long ago I haven’t seen for 19 years. She was one year senior than me, bright, and appealing. I was the first one to notice her, dining with her twins. We were only tables apart, glanced at her once in a while, trying to make sure not to misidentify her. Upon my mention of her name, she inched her way to our table, and by that time, I introduced Mommy and my gregarious son. “Oh, he’s very good looking,” she said. “Of course you are good looking, but he’s more good-looking,” she added. “Thank you. I guess it’s part of evolution of, uhm…”

“Of mankind?” laughing as she rounded off my quip. “Oh yes, you’re right,” as I complimented her. Not a long, chatty 10-minute encounter but enough to rekindle high school memories.

Four days after, here’s what I fished out from Times Online:

“Darwinian evolution is driving women to become ever more beautiful, while men remain as ugly as they were in the caves… “

Who couldn’t laugh with a slight of sexual rebellion. I have to make sure I was not on the front page of Yahoo Canada. But this was Times Online of UK, backed up by research and its result. Read the rest of the news here, laugh all you want, and say your piece if you want, men especially.