The Best Introduction to the Bible Book

John Barton of Oxford University wrote in the preface of his book: “Some people love the Bible and some hate it; but few read it.” The latter is the case because the Bible usually presents as an intimidating “library of works” to read, and much more, to understand. Many people do not know where to begin “understanding” the Bible beyond the Sunday sermons of their pastors or priests. People are hungry for a simple but not over-simplified introduction to the basics of the book. Professor Barton had this need in mind in writing this book. This book needs to be in every library because of its accessibility to the reader and lucidity.



4 thoughts on “The Best Introduction to the Bible Book

      • Onga noh?! It took you centuries… hahahah… Oh but that’s okay. How are you? It looks like God is keeping you pretty busy these days. I just might ask Him to give you some slack so that you can keep up with your friends. 😀 Blessings!

  1. Thank you Ellen for keeping me in your thoughts and prayers. Honga, busy reading, checking papers, facilitating retreats hehe…

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