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Obviously, this blog is more about “fishing” than about the “fish,” and ironically, in some deserts I would rather leave unnamed. I agree: from a realist perspective, it is almost impossible to sift the doer from the process for they are mutually revealing. But this is almost disagreeable: aren’t deserts quite restraining for any traveler by its mere sweep? I can only guess. Anyhow, I’m using the desert image as a metaphor for a different kind of expanse within me, within you, the sphere within that’s ineffable we can only loosely label as soul or spirit. It is such a SOURCE not only of the tonnage of oil that hardworking OFWs rig and pay with the price of separation from their families. To me, it is such a photographic catch of our ordinary, daily struggles for food, peace, bills to pay, grief, illness, corruption, sexual rigidity or indulgence, small sources of comfort and a host of other personal, professional, family, relational, institutional, or global aridity or abundance. Deserts, I suppose, literally suck. But I think it’s worth attempting to cross it, if not, get a glimpse of it among men and fathers, in our innate need to relate with Someone bigger than our ego, men’s ego to say the least, and among the vulnerable sick in our midst needing our care. Come, let’s go desert-fishing…


13 thoughts on “Welcome/Dadjon/Tuloy Po

  1. Hi, I got curious with bloggity’s comment and decided to visit your site. I like your profound take on things. I hope you don’t mind my putting your blog among my bloglist. Thanks and hope you visit my site as well.

    Hi Amor, thanks for dropping by my tent. To use your word, i guess our take on things will depend on our level of curiosity – some are wide-eyed, some are naturally moonlike, hehehe.

  2. こんにちは
    [japanese “hello” for a change]

    i am making a historical visit today in your sanctuary dear dpish.

    why? i am leaving my 1st-ever siopao mark…

    i just realized now that, for the longest time, i’ve been a reticent lurker of one of my favorite blogs — https://desertfishing.wordpress.com (without the desire to sound condescending). thanks to bluep, utoy, et al. who introduced me to it.

    imagine, we’ve already exchanged heaps of comments in various forums but i have not made a single remark here? now talk about paradoxes…

    i bet, by now, you’ve already witnessed that side of revsiopao who is noisy, expressive, wacky… even, at times, weird.

    but believe me, each instance that i browse your site, i am always left dumbfounded… almost to the point of contemplation… the silent me surfacing.

    so what’s my point?
    i am a fan of this blog. full stop!

    whenever i do my regular bloghop… this is where i would halt… and just linger… an oases where i could silently enjoy without the seeming pressure from ‘without’ that necessitates one to respond.

    {i hope i’m still making sense}

    and with that i say thank you.
    thank you for the gift of inspired words.
    thank you for the gift YOU.

    it is always fun ‘dessertfishing’ with you.

    dio ti benedica sempre!

    {back to non-EMO mode}
    simple lang naman ang ibig sabihin nito…
    maghanda ka!
    simula na ito ng pang-gugulo ko sa bahay mo.

    painom nga… natuyuan ako sa kaka-ingles kanina.
    hanuba ‘yung mga pinagsasabi ko? LOL

    Santita purissisima! Mahabaging tikbalang! May nangmumulto! Parang si Casper ang mukha pero pagkain siya na maputi. Registered trademark: revsiopao! Business Permit#sss790ath896gsis…Sa totoo lang, rev, para kang si Juday sa Don’t Give Up, kay tagal hinintay ni Piolo bago sya makapag-recording ng album. Alam kasi ni Piolo, nasa maynila (Rome) lang si Juday (bibihisan ba ng bestida ang isang dikon?) kaya tahimik syang kumakanta sa kung saan-saan – kina jorge, utoy, bluep, king, ifm, chocolateword, etc. Syempre, tubong-Benguet, mahilig magmuni-muni kasama si inang kalikasan. Si Juday naman, puno ng kakikayan. Matigil na nga – baka mabasa pa tayo ni Ate Lolit!
    Salamat sa papuri. ako’y nagagalak sa iyong unang pag-iwan ng komento. nakakatuwa ang blogging kahit na minsan nakakapagod lalo na ang pag-type, sakit sa pulso.pero ang dami kong natutunan tungkol sa aking sarili at sa pakikipagkapwa at hindi lang sa paglathala ng aking mga saloobin at opinyon. mapagmasid ako kaya marami akong napupulot na leksyon kina utoy, bluep, at ngayon sa yo. sa kabila ng kakulitan ay ang mga nakatagong angking talino at katatagan ng loob, mga prinsipyo, values, and the sense of community na nakasanayan ko na rin at minsan ay hinahanap-hanap. i’m taking blogging as an extension of my formation kaya even humor is forming me. o, pang-retreat material na to! may siopao pa akong ngunguyain kaya stop muna ako….

    Para sa kaalaman ng lahat, si revsiopao ay mahilig maglako ng siopao sa internet sabay tanong ng inyong sss number. kung sakaling merong magpapanggap na revsiopao, in an attempt to sell siopao and hack your sss number, here’s the warning in Italian:

    Per ulteriori informazioni sul siopaos, contattare le autorita locali o il rivenditore presso il quale e stato acquistato il prodotto.

    In English:
    For more information on siopaos, please contact local authority or the dealer where you purchased the product.

    O, rev, may market value na ako sa yo…

  3. hi arab boy?pardon the endearment.it was your auntie leonora mosende douglas of los angeles,ca who told me how impressed she is of you.she asked me who you are!so i tried to open your site.you must your mama magnette is only learning to tinker with this thing!inin internet!
    how have you been?we are both retired from govt service( your papa elgan ).

    Kahalayom alo inin imo mga sinuyat!
    mama magnette

  4. Nanay, si Mama Magnette nibisita nan bayay.Slamat kay Auntie Leonora sa pagdajig. Inday unoy nosuyod sa ako utok na tagsudlan ko man inin blogging. Nagsugod ra man sii ini sa kalaay, tapos nadaya sab ni Zimm na Pidjanga blogger. Ini na kuman kay bagan aja na man ka-adik.An kalayom, haha, way layom na dili masabtan nan bright isab na klasmit ni Tatay haha.The Mainitnons and other Surigaonons owe you a lot for all those years of dedicated service as a TEACHER. My salute to you… Pangumusta sa tanan…

  5. hello po. fist time ko ata mga comment dito but i’ve been a lurker. hehe. i often see your comment sa barrio. hope you don’t mind me adding you to my links.:-)

  6. Ajaw ra kan ini i-patik para sa kadaghanan-mahimo ba? Ako man kaw tagsinsunod dugay ra kay mahamok an ako hibaw-an/makutlo sa imo mga tagsinsuyat. Nagpasalamat ako sa Ginoo na jaon kaw sa arena na makahatag nan kalamdag bisan kon sin-o pa ton na pulano! Matuod, an Kahitas-an, ad-on sa kailadman nan buot na mamati nan kahapsay, kalinaw, sanan baruganan. Salamat gajod.

  7. A dear friend posted your blog in his FB account today – July 27,2012. I got curious and decided to visit your blog since it tackled a subject whom I personally know – he is Manila Arch. Chito Tagle. He is co alumnus at St. Andrew’s School in Paranaque City.

  8. Hello, sir. I’m a first year high school student. I came upon your blog while searching for info on Arch. Chito Tagle. I got curious and read all your posts. It was really refreshing to read something about my religion, Catholicism, here. It’s really hard to live in a dorm with every other person having a different religion, and reading your blog gave me comfort. Thank you very much!

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