D’ Fisher

That in all things, blogging included, God may be glorified!


Because there have been men and women who, despite falling short from the task of spreading the Good News, were and are real witnesses of His presence and in their own often little way, have transformed the world through His power…


i wish i could capture in just a few words,
what is it in Him that’s ever-drawing for humanity, for me,
fire? love? self-emptying? cosmic?
yet, those are still charged with many meanings.
i wish christianity could do the same,
but me and christianity could only glimpse joyfully at the Man,
enough to become wordy as a human tendency,
then get lost, bickering again through words.
then by the Spirit’s stroke,
i would come to my senses on some occasions:
i love laying down my terms before Him
in lieu of listening in silence
to the most searing question of all for any curious follower:


7 thoughts on “D’ Fisher

  1. my deepest condolences…i will be accompanying you in spirit as you and your family mourns for the demise of your beloved prayer…rest assured that there is someone…mile….miles …away…silently praying with you..kahit man lamang sa ganitong paraan makatulong ako sa panahon ng inyong pagdadalamhati…

  2. Hi, I answer your question through writing. May peace be with you during your growing season. Since you excerpted prayers from my previous book, She Who Prays, I thought I’d let you know about my latest venture. I hope you and your community of readers enjoy my novel. It is a fictionalized extension of the topics in She Who Prays. Joyfully, Jane R. Jensen

    Summary: December 22, 2012, and we’re still here thanks to an invincible woman named Angel and an immortal man named Yeshua and their friends – human, divine, and other. Fire and Spirit: A Woman’s Visionary Epic is about holy mysteries in everyday places and the relationships they ignite. Seven churchwomen become spiritual warriors in the global battle for our very souls. But this isn’t your Mama’s church or your Daddy’s jealous God. Javeira, a transwoman cuarandera, heals wounded souls. Honey listens with her divinin’ ear. Daisy sees through her visionary eye. Ofira vibrates to the stars, rocks, and crystals. Tara wields the ancient authority of a woman pope. Ursula understands animals, and Angel fights to become the Invincible Arrow she was born to be. She is the lynchpin who will either tame or inflame the holy fires to come. The impending fiery immersion may bring death and destruction or real peace on Earth. Kitchen Sink Theology Book 1. A feast for body, mind, soul, and spirit. Taste and see that we are Good!

    Contact http://www.virtualbookworm.com to order an e-book or print-on-demand copy of Fire and Spirit. The ebooks will be available on Kindle, Nook, iPhone, iPad and there will be a pdf through Adobe Digital Editions which will be distributed through Ingram. The pdf version should be able to open on any device.

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