Maguindanao Massacre: God Is Watching

God is watching…

  • how they planned it
  • how they orchestrated human and other resources
  • how the 64 victims feared for their lives before their last breaths; died very violent deaths
  • how people become prisoners of FEAR
  • how money and power are used to instill those FEARS
  • how the pursuit of JUSTICE is carried out

In His time, He will act accordingly: this is my greatest hope. In history, there were no Hitlers or PolPots or Stalins who were not humbled from their seat of powers, condemned by their own savagery. In His time and not sooner the Truth will bring those murderers into their own self-condemnation and die lonely deaths, leaving their wealth and prestige rotting like carcasses, totally now abhorred and abandoned into absolute forgetfulness. Not worth a human memory at all. Only for the sake of a story of how the bloody defilement of the Garden of Eden, the Eastern side of the story itself was altered by not covering their scrotums. In the absence of repentance, shame is also lost. In God’s time – the flaming sword of God’s justice will overturn their sense of absolute control into a dog’s dung they would regurgitate from their bellies and out of their troubled minds and consciences. In His time BECAUSE HE IS WATCHING…over this land in violent disarray.


10 thoughts on “Maguindanao Massacre: God Is Watching

    • It depends on how you interpret “watching”. It is in the sense of Simone Weil’s waiting, begging for me. The people are begging, waiting for justice for there can no peace without justice…

    • Keep re-reading this post in view of your comment which has a pith theological charge. While i acknowledge that the God of the OT has a warrior and judiciary robe from human’s point of view, equally, God as you highlighted is a God of forgiveness in Jesus. It is very apt however in view of the Second Sunday of Advent that the very life of John the Baptist revolved around preaching one message: FOR ME TO REPENT for me to be able to welcome, prepare the way for the Forgiveness Incarnate – Jesus. In the end, i believe, we condemned ourselves by our refusal or acceptance of the locust-eater’s message. The rest of the pitch of the post i guess is a Friday fatigue and massacre hangover. Thanks for bringing the idea of forgiveness…Happy Weekend Igsoon. Pasensya na – medyo high-strung…

      • i understand Igsoon…

        by the way, i have a problem in my comment system. i dont why disqus is not working with my new template. i stil have to resolve this.heheheh

  1. I really do hope that the perpetrators will have a change of heart and will strive with all their heart to keep God’s commandments in spirit and in truth.

    Magandang hapon, Kapatid.

  2. I would like to use your picture of the lightning you have in this blog, and I would like to ask permissions to use it for a book cover for a Christian biography. Please let me know what you think, and I can get you more information if you need it. Thank you very much!

    Carmen Phillips

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